Monday, April 11, 2011

first post!

thanks so much for finding me!  creating a blog, with the hopes that someone will actually read it is a bit of an intimidating task!  my business partner, teila and i have a photography blog:  click HERE to view!  so, i'm not completely new to blogging, however that blog is designed to showcase sessions we've shot for clients.  this is a more selfish blog.  a way for me to track the progress of my home, a way to share great ideas that i collect from others, and a way to even share my own personal ideas for turning your house - a little more into a home with each little project!

i don't want to sound as though i think i'm some expert on home design or anything!  it just happens to be a huge interest for me, that i think i can actually call a "hobby" as well.

i've been following other peoples 'home' blogs for a while now and thought, why not join in the fun!?  so here i go!