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Monday, April 11, 2011

first post!

thanks so much for finding me!  creating a blog, with the hopes that someone will actually read it is a bit of an intimidating task!  my business partner, teila and i have a photography blog:  click HERE to view!  so, i'm not completely new to blogging, however that blog is designed to showcase sessions we've shot for clients.  this is a more selfish blog.  a way for me to track the progress of my home, a way to share great ideas that i collect from others, and a way to even share my own personal ideas for turning your house - a little more into a home with each little project!

i don't want to sound as though i think i'm some expert on home design or anything!  it just happens to be a huge interest for me, that i think i can actually call a "hobby" as well.

i've been following other peoples 'home' blogs for a while now and thought, why not join in the fun!?  so here i go!


  1. Hi, love the title "Beach House in the City". I think there are a lot of us out here in blogland who would like to live in a real beach house on the beach. Thanks for sharing your vision. I look forward to seeing your pictures.
    "Pretty Old Houses"

  2. Hi Natalie,

    So far I LOVE your blog, and can't believe how new it is! I actually DO live by the beach (well, about 7 minutes away) in California, but I wanted a "beach theme" that didn't scream "beach house". I had a hard time putting that vision together until I came upon your blog. I'm really digging your idea of a "beach feel" with color and texture without using a bunch of blatant beach decor. Since we do live by the beach and my daughters love gathering shells, that is the one actual beach item I would like to have in my home. But I'd like the rest of the decor to be a subtle reminder of the beach. I think that is what you have captured, and I just wish I had found your blog sooner! The good news is that this is our first home, and we do plan to move in the future to a bigger home. So hopefully I can archive some of your beautiful ideas for future inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing your home in the city,

  3. Thanks ladies!
    I've honestly only been blogging for 2 weeks for you found me pretty quickly Netty! Thank goodness for Kate at Centsational Girl! I'm super jealous you actually live near a real beach!! Keep following, I've got lots of "subtle" beach ideas to share!

  4. happy accident that i found you today. i was waiting for paint to dry...literally, i just painted an old piano (am i crazy) and searching for inspiration in the meantime. while i was waiting i painted 4 bottles and dug around in my junk drawer and found the little floral containers so i can use them when they dry. i am in florida and the weather is phenomenal today. my hydrangeas started blooming this week and will look great in the bottles.


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