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Friday, April 29, 2011

not so royal weddings

so the big royal wedding talk is everywhere! i admit, i am going to pvr it and fly through it to catch the highlights!  

but wedding talk is always on my mind, since i'm a wedding photographer!  i've been married for - forever - 14 years!  so waaaaaay back, when i got married, my tastes were a lot different than they are today.  budget, of course, dictated a lot.  i wanted a massive wedding, a massive party where everyone i knew would be in attendance and have fun.  and don't get me wrong - it was just that.....soooooo much fun!  however, i was so fixated on the big picture, i didn't really spend the time on the 'small picture'....the details....that i would today!  

and with no surprise, if i could get married all over again (same guy still!) i would LOVE to have a beautiful beach wedding with only the most important people to me there!   so thought i'd share a collection of beachy wedding photos that i think are breathtaking!

(Sea2Sea Travel)

awwwww, maybe one day my daughter could get married on a beach!  so beautiful!

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