Monday, April 11, 2011

painted bottles diy

this is an adorable quick and easy diy that i saw in a magazine last summer and never got around to doing. i actually had already posted/shared this great idea on my white dress photography blog a while back and felt it appropriate to share in this setting as well!

find some old bottles, from anything really....oil, pop, wine, etc....clean them really good, so as to get the sticky labels off. take some old paint from previous projects (or you could always buy samples at your paint store for about $5) and thin it with a little water. very little water, or it will run!

coat evenly by moving bottle. allow to dry. because i use laytex paint, i can't fill these with water and put flowers in them. solution? next time you buy real flowers, collect the little stem water containers or purchase some from a florist. now you can enjoy your bottles with single blooms. really pretty. super easy. enjoy!

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