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Monday, April 25, 2011

pretty bird cage made prettier!

i just bought this fabulous little bird cage for $25 at homesense.  i loved the antique look and how banged up it appeared.  seriously looked like i found it at some parisian market in france!  however the colors were a little grungy, so i thought i'd soften it - just a tad!

here's what it looked like:
so pretty, just not quite me,

used a frenchy  blue color i had to dry brush it, intentionally doing a bad job with the painting!

dry brush = dip the brush in the paint and then tap almost all of it off on something other than what you intend to paint

added some pillar candles

and done!  charming i think!


  1. bird feeder cage very nice to see that you are doing for some good so i would like to thank you for sharing such a beautiful cages so nice of you dear i hope that you will post more for us

  2. what color blue did you use to paint the cage? It's so cute :)


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