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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

rooms that inspire!

i absolutely love using blue and white in decorating. every shade of blue, every shade of white. a fave blog i personally follow, is house of turquoise. she pulls fave images from different designers and features different ones daily. here's a few that have inspired my own home:

albertsson hansen architecture

soli terry architects

graciela rutkowski

bear hill interiors

elsa soyars

life in a fun lane

tobi fairley

mabley handler

ada and darcy

cayo espanta

beach bungalow 8

so naturally i don't love every little thing in every room, but overall i love the calming colors and the "feel" the rooms create! if i could take a beach house from the hamptons and a beach house from miami beach, the results would be a home that reflects moi! a little charm and a little glitz!


  1. Oh my, LOVE that beach chic kitchen by elsa soyars! Stunning, yet comfortable :)

  2. I love each and every one of these!


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