Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sunburst mirror diy

so for anyone who's explored the web looking for directions on how to build your own sunburst mirror.....they will have found that there are countless ways of doing it.  i decided to come up with my own version of how to make one and the following is the deets:

what you need:
  • wood dowels - different sizes if you like or stick with the same size, your choice
  • hot glue gun
  • an inexpensive charger
  • a cheap mirror - purchased mine from Michaels for $5
  • silver metallic spray paint
  • thin gage wire
  • something to cut the dowels - i used garden pruning sheers - rather than worry about a saw
  • sand paper to sand the ends if a "cut" end will be exposed
  • tape measure
to get this:

first, i thought i should spray paint the dowels, so i did.  but i soon realized, rather than turning, painting, drying, turning, painting, drying, equalling time consuming.....i simply, decided to assemble it, and then spray it after.  much easier!

if gold suited your home better, it would be an awesome choice as well

because i used some thicker dowels to start with, and i wanted them to be really secure, i used a bag of rice to weigh them down while i kept working.  the smaller dowels didn't need the help, but the first few i used did

step back and take a look.  i ran out of what i had bought and felt like it could use a few more, so i found some wooden skewers in my pantry used for kebobs.  i filled in the blanks with them.

masked off the charger with painters tape and paper

sprayed it all, flipped it and sprayed it again, so no raw wood would peek through from different angles!

was drawing a blank on how to "hang" the mirro on the wall?????  so, decided to use some wire and create a loop in the back, then just hang off a screw

flipped it over, hot glued the mirror on...

and done!

decided to hang it in my kitchen's eating nook....reflect some light on a windowless wall...

part of me wants to mask off the mirror and spray the whole thing white, but i'll live with it for awhile and see how i feel about it....

the charger i used was this metal color....i didn't spray it....but it's almost a dead on match for the spray paint i did use for the dowels....pretty good!

if you've got a blank wall in need of a little something....this is a great solution!  i had the charger, so $0 was spent on that, i had the glue, so $0 on that.  total cost for me was about $18, not counting the silver spray paint, which i'll use for other projects b/c lots is left!

anyone think i should spray it white?

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  1. Love it! It looks amazing! But bbbbrrrrr! Is that snow in your yard?!

  2. oh yes, that's snow....the very last of it is melting away as i type, thankfully! but that's canada for ya! :(

  3. It looks great! I think the picture of you taking a picture is the coolest picture. Does that make sense?

  4. Very pretty, and maybe even something *I* can do! YAY!

    BTW, love your little helper "Batman", he must have super powers because I noticed he is barefoot with SNOW in the background! Canada sure is different from California, LOL! I've been to Alberta, Banff actually. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. Such a beautiful diy idea. Thanks!

  6. haha! to say calgary is different from california is quite the understatement! we were at about 16' celcius so i think that's around 61' fahrenheit for you guys. for us, that's a pretty nice spring day! we're pretty tough!

  7. Hi again Natalie! Just came across your gorgeous DIY sunburst mirror on the paint party links on Centsational Girl's site. It looks great! I have a little mirror I have in mind for this project. One over my bed would look soo nice. It's funny to read the comments with everyone talking about the snow. As I'm writing, it's really coming down out there! Guess everything is going to be white again, NOOOO!! heehee

  8. no kidding katie! maybe i should blog what's happening outside and really freak out all the american readers! haha! :)

  9. I loooove the silver color!! Nice job!!

  10. That is such a cool mirror! I just featured it on my blog. :)

  11. Thanks for linking this up! I'm looking forward to doing my own now :)

  12. I have been wanting to make a sunburst mirror for the longest time-so I am always an avid reader of new (to me) tutorials on them. I love how you used the plate as a "frame" for the mirror. It gives it such a finished look.

  13. This turned out so GREAT!! I featured this today at my Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party. Drop on by and grab a button, if you'd like.


  14. oh this is just brilliant!

  15. Beyond Gorgeous. I've been looking for just the right sunburst mirror to make--this might be it!!!! :)

  16. holy cow this is awesome! i've always admired these sunburst mirrors but couldn't shell out $800 for one. now i can DIY and have the bragging rights to go along with it. :-)

  17. just gave you a shout out on my blog today!

  18. Beautiful I have been looking for a simple diy to start myself and this is perfect! I do love all ur projects and how awesomely u have done ur house just amazing

  19. I'm a D.I.Y. home decorator/interior designer and ran across this page and figured I would try it. I just got done with mine. Very simple, and easy on the money! Mine took little under $10 (I had to buy every item except the glue and glue gun). Since I have a brown color going on, I did mine in gold which still looks amazing. I absolutely plan on doing more of these in various sizes and colors! Thank you so much!

  20. This is wonderful, mothers day is coming up soon and i would like to make two for my mother and im thinking of painting them gold and also add some small mirrors to some of the dowels. Can you tell me the length and widths of the dowels you used. Im 13 but i think i can do this.

  21. Hi there. Im just starting to make this awesome project and wanted to know yr dimensions of your mirror and lengths you cut your dowels to please?? I saw your need for a tape measure in the supplies list but didn't see any mention to it in the instructions..or am I blind?? Lol . Would LOVE your help.
    From Allana in New Zealand

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