Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sunburst mirror diy

so for anyone who's explored the web looking for directions on how to build your own sunburst mirror.....they will have found that there are countless ways of doing it.  i decided to come up with my own version of how to make one and the following is the deets:

what you need:
  • wood dowels - different sizes if you like or stick with the same size, your choice
  • hot glue gun
  • an inexpensive charger
  • a cheap mirror - purchased mine from Michaels for $5
  • silver metallic spray paint
  • thin gage wire
  • something to cut the dowels - i used garden pruning sheers - rather than worry about a saw
  • sand paper to sand the ends if a "cut" end will be exposed
  • tape measure
to get this:

first, i thought i should spray paint the dowels, so i did.  but i soon realized, rather than turning, painting, drying, turning, painting, drying, equalling time consuming.....i simply, decided to assemble it, and then spray it after.  much easier!

if gold suited your home better, it would be an awesome choice as well

because i used some thicker dowels to start with, and i wanted them to be really secure, i used a bag of rice to weigh them down while i kept working.  the smaller dowels didn't need the help, but the first few i used did

step back and take a look.  i ran out of what i had bought and felt like it could use a few more, so i found some wooden skewers in my pantry used for kebobs.  i filled in the blanks with them.

masked off the charger with painters tape and paper

sprayed it all, flipped it and sprayed it again, so no raw wood would peek through from different angles!

was drawing a blank on how to "hang" the mirro on the wall?????  so, decided to use some wire and create a loop in the back, then just hang off a screw

flipped it over, hot glued the mirror on...

and done!

decided to hang it in my kitchen's eating nook....reflect some light on a windowless wall...

part of me wants to mask off the mirror and spray the whole thing white, but i'll live with it for awhile and see how i feel about it....

the charger i used was this metal color....i didn't spray it....but it's almost a dead on match for the spray paint i did use for the dowels....pretty good!

if you've got a blank wall in need of a little something....this is a great solution!  i had the charger, so $0 was spent on that, i had the glue, so $0 on that.  total cost for me was about $18, not counting the silver spray paint, which i'll use for other projects b/c lots is left!

anyone think i should spray it white?

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