Monday, April 11, 2011

white hardwood floors: chapter 1

i love white floors! i know this goes against the norm, but that's a non-issue to me! we moved into this house 4 years ago and there was ugly vinyl and ugly carpet....we knew we were going to change it right away. we were renovating a large chunk of the house all at once, so we didn't really have a huge budget, stictly devoted to our hardwood choice. i looked for an unfinished wood to install, but the price was too high, so we ended up going with some chocolate stained oak and felt it would suffice. it wasn't what i exactly wanted, but i knew it would be just fine and after all a much safer choice than continuing my search for white hardwood. but after 4 years, we saw how cheap the wood was. there was so much seperating with the boards, it looked awful. we live in a dry climate, i realize, but this was more than the normal expanding and contracting. my husband and i decided it might be time to consider painting the floors and getting the look i had originally wanted. i tossed the idea around for the last year and we finally decided to!

would i recommend doing this with precious wood? no. would i recommend doing this if you were planning on reselling within 5 yrs? no.

but for us, we love the look. we hoped to actually reduce some of the spacing, thinking that the paint might actually help to fill the cracks. we hoped to expand the space visually by bringing in a whole lot of "light and bright." and lastly, we hoped to have a space that reflects what we love and not worry if it's not for everyone!

you can see the horrible seperating and the inevitable crums, dust, and unwanted mess that fell between the darn cracks!

clearly, you've got to sand a whole lot of that stain off. you need to awaken the wood again, so it's ready to accept new paint. i read tons on how to do this, what was best...etc. we were going to rent an orbital sander, but the woman at the paint store assured me that was overkill. plus, the unwanted dust throughout the entire house would be overwhelming! so my husband used a belt sander. it made a mess, but most of the mess stayed on the ground, so not bad. i gotta say, it was a big job to sand, so i'm forever grateful he took this on, and spared me!

i'll leave you with that for now! stay tuned for chapter 2! it's quite a transformation!