Wednesday, April 13, 2011

white hardwood floors: chapter 2

we're still in the process of assembling our home after the big paint job this past weekend. we also had NEVER got around to installing baseboards in the 4 years we've lived here! that was a handy fact for painting the floors. saved all the taping off or carefully cutting in. so bonus! however b/c i have light walls and now almost white floors, i don't want to share the "after" shots until the baseboards go in this weekend. it's necessary to make the room look finished! so for now here's a bit of a tutorial and the supplies needed and a shot of the room primed:

whatcha need:

1 coat of a serious primer -- then 2 coats of a porch and floor enamel.  i used everything "water-based", so no stinky mess and drying time drastically reduced.  in canada, they're "out-lawing" oil based paints so figured there was no point using that, and then maybe running into a problem down the road, where i would have to repair an area and not have what i originally used.

also used this crazy kind of roller that is really thick and splits, so as to get in the cracks better.

i wanted white, but a slightly grey white. i chose the bottom color: CIL "crystal"

stay tuned for "chapter 3" - the "after" shot!