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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

white hardwood floors: chapter 2

we're still in the process of assembling our home after the big paint job this past weekend. we also had NEVER got around to installing baseboards in the 4 years we've lived here! that was a handy fact for painting the floors. saved all the taping off or carefully cutting in. so bonus! however b/c i have light walls and now almost white floors, i don't want to share the "after" shots until the baseboards go in this weekend. it's necessary to make the room look finished! so for now here's a bit of a tutorial and the supplies needed and a shot of the room primed:

whatcha need:

1 coat of a serious primer -- then 2 coats of a porch and floor enamel.  i used everything "water-based", so no stinky mess and drying time drastically reduced.  in canada, they're "out-lawing" oil based paints so figured there was no point using that, and then maybe running into a problem down the road, where i would have to repair an area and not have what i originally used.

also used this crazy kind of roller that is really thick and splits, so as to get in the cracks better.

i wanted white, but a slightly grey white. i chose the bottom color: CIL "crystal"

stay tuned for "chapter 3" - the "after" shot!


  1. I recenty painted my concrete floors and re-did my fireplace too so I know how hard you worked on this. I love your white floors. They turned out amazing. I went a couple shades darker and added stripes because I have a dog that likes to play in the garden. I'm a new follower I love your style!

  2. wow you and your husband did an amazing job on your entire home! Bravo!
    jess@the balanced libra

  3. Gorgeous!

    My hubby and I ripped out old carpet and found very substandard plywood that was sagging and noisy. We put down tongue and groove pine, 3/4x5.5inches, primed and painted like you. I love white as well but I can't keep the floor clean with 4 cats and a dog that visits often. How do you find the task?
    PS Although pine was cheaper, unless you go for the shabby chic or rustic look, there will probably be too many dents and scratches. Pine IS soft.

    I am so impressed with your talent and res
    lts. I will keep you at the top of my bookmarks.

    Port Dover, Ontario

  4. PS Anne forgot to add:

    Since that experiment we have moved to a century home with what were once gorgeous oak floors with an inlaid pattern. Unfortunately, they have been finished once too often and now look horribly "rustic" for our elegant goal.

    So, I am talking often and persistently about painting the floors white, trying to convince my wood loving husband that white makes sense. I hope, when I succeed, that the results are at least half as wonderful as your floors.

  5. Hi I just stumbled on your blog and thrilled to have! Your floors are beautiful. I see you used primer and enamel paint but did you use a top coat? That is what I'm afraid of. I painted my floors once before and of course the sales person told me to used the top coat that was guaranteed not to yellow..well it did :( Needless to say we were sanding and sanding. But it was impossible to get the yellowing out of the cracks. Is this paint strong enough to with stand lots of traffic with out destroying it?
    Thanks so much
    Flint, Michigan

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