Monday, April 18, 2011

white hardwood floors: chapter 3 & room tour: living room & dining room

ok, the day has finally come.....the "reveal!!"  i have a mixed bag of emotions here!  i'm really pumped with the results, so i'm proud to show it off, however i realize it's not for everyone, so there's bound to be critics out there too!  there's always going to be the argument that you're "devaluing" your home for sure....and all i have to say to that is, we're not moving any time too soon and it's JUST wood.  if we had to move or decided we totally hated it at some point, we could sand it off and refinish it.
bottom line is we hated the condition of our floors before, so we figured 'go big or go home!' kinda thing!

here's a shot of what the living room looked like, as we went for the 'walk through' before purchasing this place:


love the "sheen" from the sunlight or from lamps in the evening!

for instructions and product info used, click here:

didn't do tons to it, just simply covered the pillars with mdf to get rid of that fluted look, ran the baseboards around the pillars so it looked more finished, and gave the whole thing a coat of bright white paint.  i know lots of designers say "bright white" is a bit harsh, but i couldn't disagree more.  for more traditional homes, a creamy white is appropriate for sure, but if you want to achieve a look more like mine....then go "bright white."  extra bonus.....i buy the behr "ultra pure white" at home depot, so it's always ready to go.  no color matching or waiting around.  good for an impatient person like me.  plus you never forget what shade you put where!

 i do realize the fireplace is super dusty from all the sanding that's been taking place in this house!  i gotta get on that!

on the hunt for new dining room chairs, so these ones can go back to the table they came with in my kitchen nook.  they're way too low for this table and not nearly "comfy" enough for sitting around for hours after dinner!  also on the hunt for an area rug for this room, although i do like the way it looks without.  

updated pics below!  since posting this originally, i got new dining room chairs and some shelving to the dining room....

still needing to repair the bottom of the stairs and completely finish the baseboards, window trim and door casings, so really could only show this half of the main floor!

so because the spacing was so horrible with our flooring, there is the present situation of paint not quite filling it completely.  at first i was bothered a bit by this.  after living with it for the past week, i realize if you like painted floors, you have to embrace the imperfections, the cracks, the inevitable scratching that's bound to happen....all of it!  so i'm good with it.  it's a look!

thought i'd throw this picture in, of this inexpensive light i got from rona.  i'm replacing all the "boob" lights as i call 'em, throughout the house with these.  love the sparkle and the shadows it casts on the ceiling and wall.

tips:  whether you like traditional, modern, country, or beachy, remember to play with textures!  in order to achieve my "beach style," i make sure to incorporate a little "natural" with a little "sparkle"

tip:  i'm loving all the fabulous water bottles out there right now!  they are beautiful enough to display as decorative and come in so many options!  think about it!

tip: wanna save on having to meiter (sp?!) corners?  create a header a smidge thicker and longer than your casing and you won't have to worry about hard cuts!  ours could use a little more paint, i know, i know!

become friends with "dap"

and your lines will disappear!

that's all for now.....let me know what you think, by leaving a comment!  but if you HATE the floors, i don't wanna hear it!! :)