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Friday, May 13, 2011

1 month blogging anniversary "giveaway!!"

on the 11th, i had officially been blogging for a whopping one month!
i'm getting into the hang of it and i really love it.  it's like being the editor of your own magazine...kinda fun!  thanks for all the awesome support, comments and for following me!

as a "thank you" i'm offering a little giveaway, just for kicks!!

isn't this lovely?!!  a vibrant blue satin rosette necklace - handmade - by the creative jessica of "kensington creations jewelry"  (i want it!)  (value of $25)

how do you get it??!!

1.)  you must be a "follower" on my blog

2.)  you must "like" kensington creations jewelry's facebook fanpage
(click HERE to do so)

3.)  you must make a comment on THIS POST informing us you've done so!
(if you're already a follower of mine, then just "like" her fb page and make the comment)

that's it!
super duper easy!

winner will be randomly drawn on friday may 20th!
draw open to those living in Canada and the U.S.

please, also, check out jessica's etsy shop, by clicking HERE!


  1. wow! this blog is simply stunning!!! looking forward to digging into this! i love kensingtoncreations and beachhouseinthecity! whooop whooop!

  2. Hey Natalie, Great giveaway! I liked Kensington Creations on facebook and took a peek at Jessica's pieces, soo cute!! Of course I thought with a name like that, she must be here in Calgary, in Kensington. Too funny she's in Kansas! Congrats on one month of awesome blogs. Keep it up!

  3. Hey Natalie :)
    I'm already a follower and love your blog. However I do not do Facebook for personal reasons. I've noticed some blows are now making this a requirement for give away. Kinda unfortunate for loyal readers.
    Anywho, congrats on your anniversary! Wishing you continued success :)

  4. beautiful, im a follower, and i liked on facebook. enjoy your sight. find the colors very relaxing and inviting.

  5. Ok Netty, I appreciate the support, so I'll make an exception! I'm just trying to help out small business owners, by giving them some traffic so that's why we wanted people to "like" the fb page, but do us a favor and check out her etsy shop and we'll call it even! :)

  6. Congratulations Natalie! You have an amazing eye and talent for design. I can't believe you have only been doing this for a month? I think when I first found you a short couple weeks ago you only had 30 some followers? Look at you now 87 and growing every day! I started bvlogging over a year ago and I only have 23. keep up the great work!

  7. I just became a follower, great blog!!!


    mi3ragamuffins at aol dot com

  8. Thanks Natalie :) And that totally makes sense now, why a lot of blogs (not "blows" LOL) are doing the FB thing for giveaways. Not a big deal, I read my favorite blogs because they give so much inspiration to those of us with "less creative genes" ;)

    And I LOVE etsy, so I'll definitely check out her store.

  9. Hi there

    Just found your blog by searching for a paint colour on Google. I am a fellow Canadian decor blogger, and lover of turquoise :-) Love your blog. I am now a follower! Drop by some time...at mydecoratingaddiction.blogspot.com.


  10. Loving your posts and photos! So lovely :) I am a blog follower, have "liked" Kensington creations annnndddd made a comment on this post...ps I didn't just join today so I could get in the draw for the *awesome* necklace...I really do read your blog all the time ;)

  11. I'm already a follower and I Liked Kensington creations and I made a comment on this post!!

  12. Done & Done. Thanks! (& love the white hardwood floors...)

  13. Hi Natalie:)
    I am already a follower of your blog and liked the Kensignton's facebook page. Congrats on one month of blogging! Your creations are so inspiring!
    <3 Sara


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