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Friday, May 06, 2011

birdhouse and birdie diy

i was at the craft store last week and my little guy fell in love with this little birdhouse.  don't know why.  but he carried around the store for a half an hour.  that's a long time for my little guy - to not lose interest!  it was around $4 so i bought it.  i found a little bird for it - i think it was about $4 as well.  all it needed was a little color and i knew it would be a cute little addition to his room!

my boy at michael's!  walking around like this for at least a half an hour!

simple spray paint.  i primed it, just in case he wanted to play with it....felt it'd be a little tougher with the coat of primer.

sprayed the top coat and hot glued on the little birdie...

isn't that cute?!


  1. the little birdhouse or the little boy? they are both adorable!

  2. after visiting from houseography i have just fallen head over heels for your blog. i have guests every friday and would be honored if you would be my guest. i love to have you share your master bedroom. let me know!!! thanks!

  3. Yes, it is cute. Both the birdhouse and the little boy. What a sweetheart he is!



  4. Thanks ladies and of course, feature away Cassie!! That'd be awesome!! :)


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