Friday, May 06, 2011

birdhouse and birdie diy

i was at the craft store last week and my little guy fell in love with this little birdhouse.  don't know why.  but he carried around the store for a half an hour.  that's a long time for my little guy - to not lose interest!  it was around $4 so i bought it.  i found a little bird for it - i think it was about $4 as well.  all it needed was a little color and i knew it would be a cute little addition to his room!

my boy at michael's!  walking around like this for at least a half an hour!

simple spray paint.  i primed it, just in case he wanted to play with it....felt it'd be a little tougher with the coat of primer.

sprayed the top coat and hot glued on the little birdie...

isn't that cute?!