Wednesday, May 04, 2011

coffee filter wreath diy

this little diy has been on my list of "things to do - when i have a couple of hours to spare..." list for quite some time now!  i've seen this on tons of blogs and done by tons of different 'crafters' out there.  everyone has a little different tweak on how to do it, so i can't really credit anyone out there in blogland with this one.  i simply bought some coffee filters, a styrofoam wreath and got my glue gun.  i kinda figured it out as i went, so i suppose if i made it all over again today, i'd make some improvements, but all in all i think it turned out quite lovely.  

so to get this....

start with some coffee filters and basic supplies.  i used about 230 filters.  i made my life easier by seperating batches of them at one time to speed up the process.  (btw, that's about $3 worth of filters)

there was a bit of trial and error and experimentation on my part.  i found that by taking 3 filters at one time and folding them in half twice, so as to create a triangle, gave a nice fluffy amount to work with...

i won't took about an hour and a half....but i just sat in front of the tv and did it....not too bad...

and this is what you get....fill in any empty spaces or wierd gaps if needed with single filters

figure out how to hang it, if that's what you want to do....figured this was easy, b/c i had this on hand

simple as 1, 2, 3

and look what you get!  pretty impressive for coffee filters!  i think the wreath form was about $4 or $5, so all in all it cost me about $8 and an hour an a half of my time!

worth it, i think!

i have to admit i like the soft and romantic feeling of it.....i guess it's not completely "beachy," but i don't think everything in my house needs to be themed out.  i do love the natural color of it.  it's not a bright white, so it does almost give the feeling of natural coral, which i love....

i probably could've spent more time "evening" it out, but i kinda like the look of it....almost a little like a giant flower.....different levels of filters are like petals....

well, that was my take on a "coffee filter wreath"   
quite lovely!

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