Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i love, love, love coral!!  so pretty and natural, yet a little edgy and graphic at the same time!  pretty much a small piece of coral in every room makes me happy!  i don't think you need to have a beachy themed home to love it either!  however it adds a lovely nice organic element to the look i personally love!  i've been on the hunt for faux coral for at least the last 6 years and let me tell you, it's not easily found in canada.  when we go to the states, i can usually find it, no to my american don't know how jealous i am of your shopping options!

anyways....thought i'd share some lovely inspirational photos of how coral can be used in your home, regardless of the style of your space.....

am loving this chandelier!!

-i love bluey/turquoise with coral- 
thinking that'll be the color combo for my basement!

(my living room!)

(my family room)