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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

easy peasy little card diy

recently i was going to a baby shower and remembered i hadn't gotten a card.  of course i could've grabbed one on the way, but i knew i had some card stock and i decided to create a really simple card that's more unique than anything i could've bought!

to get this lovely little card, simply follow my instructions!

i had some old cardstock from a little banner i had made from a previous baby shower and had new cardstock i use to create flash cards for my kids.....so....

i created little triangles, and folded them over....glued them to the card with a dot of hot glue

added a little string...

and voila.....wrote my little message on the back...

easy peasy...and super cute i thought....
took 5 mins... and probably cost a few cents...

now go create somethin'!  :)


  1. totally adorable! and hey, i commented! :)

  2. This is so adorable! What a creative idea! You should have a little card DIY for every occasion / season!

  3. Love the soft colours :) very cute


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