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Thursday, May 26, 2011

ikea slip covered chair diy

i was at ikea the other day searching for a little table and chair for my 2 yr old.  i wanted it for our family room, so when he wants to eat in front of the tv, he's got a place.....
i know ikea's completely affordable, but i wasn't thrilled with the idea of spending $20 - 30 for a table and another $20 ish for a little chair.  plus, i didn't love the colors.
so....my diy brain got to thinking.....how about a "lack" side table, for $7.99 and make a slipcover for a bright red ikea chair, already in my possession.  i had used it when my older two were younger.  i actually had made soft pink slip covers way back when for my daughter.  i also had fabric i had bought, but hadn't found a use for....soooo....
i grabbed the table for $8 and went home....

i say "simple" but actually, sewing is anything but simple for me!  i have a "will," to sew, not a talent!

it's a little more sloppy than i was hoping, i can't lie.  it could also stand to be a couple of inches longer!  grrrr.... i do loathe sewing!  so, if i get around to it, i might add a band in some complimentary fabric to the bottom to add length and hopefully, look like an intentional decorative detail....but we'll see how ambitious i get!

all in all, a white simple table and a royal blue slipcover....much better than bright primary colored plastics!  or at least i think so!

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  1. i just slipcovered my dining chairs that were very dated....now i am in love again. i used painters drp cloth and followed the video tutorials that i saw on miss mustard seed. although i can sew if i follow a pattern, i had never tried anything 'freehand'. she made it very easy.
    yours looks nice too. it really changes the look.


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