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Monday, May 30, 2011

lamp shade redo diy

here's an easy diy that came about out of necessity at first....i had a boring white shade that could use a bit of a face lift....then became more necessary when my little guy got his chocolate covered fingers all over it....making it pretty ugly!

so in order to get this cute shade....

my little guy's handy work!  mucky hands!

all you really need is some fabric and spray glue

got my fabric from ikea....i think it was $3.99/meter

i just simply traced the shade's shape by rolling it and running a pencil along the side

added about 1/2 inch to that line, and cut it out

folded the edges back and ironed them, in an attempt to keep it slightly neater

sprayed in sections, pulling the fabric around, and clipping it in place until the glue dried

and voila!  i used a bead of hot glue on the top and bottom to secure the fabric on the inside of the shade and the back seam

thinking i might add some trim to the top and bottom to cover the shadow created from the fabric on the inside

all lit up!  shows the imperfect fabric lining the inside.....so if i add the trim it'll probably fix that issue!

but even with that little shadow....i still love the shade!  it's a huge improvement, more unique than just white, and made a really inexpensive lamp - look a little more important and interesting!

i've got another lamp that i love, but that i'm not using right now, because my little guy, drew all over it!! so i think another fabric wrapped shade is in order!  i plan on doing a 'better' job on that one! :)

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  1. super cute! Love the fabric choice too!

  2. That looks so easy but I would probably mess it up. Cute fabric.

  3. I was JUST eyeing that fabric on Sat- now I wish I had bought some! Love this transformation!!


  4. This looks so amazing!! Love the fabric choice, it totally changes the look of the lamp.

  5. Love the lamp and the fabric. I just gave you a shout out on my blog about your post about stripes. I finished my daughter's concrete floors with wide stripes. To see them go to http://anythingologyblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/more-concrete-floors.html


  6. I love this post. I am moving into a new place in a few weeks and I cannot WAIT to try this out with one of my old lamps! Such a great idea!!

  7. Great idea. I have 2 plain white sahdes that need some ooomph. This is a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration and the how-to.

  8. How cute! At first I though you drew on the shade, which is something I would NOT be able to do-but the fabric is awesome and even my non artistic self could handle it.

  9. That is adorable! FYI...I recovered a lamp shade with burlap, with a bead of hot glue on the top like you did. It will start to pop up over time however. Just thought you should know:)Great job, love the fabric!

  10. This is striking! I love that fabric- which means a trip to IKEA is in order. Oh darn. I will be featuring this on my blog tomorrow (June 2) for Three Things Thursday, so hop on over and check it out-- grab a featured button if you like!

    Valerie- www.occasionallycrafty.blogspot.com

  11. I'm in love with this idea, you make it look easy! I'll be featuring it tomorrow :)

  12. How beautiful. I am loving your blog!!

  13. I love this! I just linked to it on my blog b/c of a DIY lamp issue. It's one of my favourite IKEA fabrics!

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