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Monday, May 09, 2011

looking for sponsor and free advertisers

hey friends.....
i've added a new page to my site called "sponsors/advertisers/etc"

if you have an etsy store or a small online business that you'd like to see grow or have a surge in traffic flow, then please click on the page to see how you can advertise with me for free!

also, i'd like to offer my wonderful readers/followers the chance at a monthly giveaway, so if you have a lovely item you think would make a great "giveaway", please check out the page for info on that as well.  as my "thank you", i'll drive as much traffic your way as possible, and offer you free advertising!  

i'm new to blogging so thought this might be a great way to grow my traffic, fan base, my content and help others to do the same!  

thanks so much!  

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