Tuesday, May 17, 2011

room tour: emma's tween basement bedroom

my lovely, sassy, opinionated, kind and beautiful daughter moved downstairs to the basement this past fall! a true sign to ryan and i, she was growin' up!  yikes!  we live in a 3 bedroom 2 sty, so the basement can feel really far away to some kids....  but not emma.  she couldn't wait!  

she got a bigger room, got to have some fun 'designing' it, and got to feel a little more independent!

i don't really have an ugly before shot to show you, as it was an unfinished basement, so.....
here's a shot of the room when it had been painted....

you can see the wee little window for this room....kinda sucky!

but check it out now!

i knew this room needed some 'brightness' since it's in a dark basement....so, we installed this kodak photopaper, purchased from the home depot.  it cost about $125.  good bang for your buck i think!

if left completely to me, i'd paint every room a shade of white, or gray or blue....buy my girl wanted "green".....SO, we both agreed this was a pretty green....very fresh!

put 2 inexpensive dressers side by side creating one large one.  personally, i'd have this dresser much less "busy," - but it's not my room!

collection of snow globes

chair, side table, bedding, book shelf, dressers, pillow on bed, frames, vase on dresser - ikea
lamp & mirror - homesense
alarm clock - walmart

i love this room, because although she's only 11 now, i know she'll grow with this room for years to come!