Monday, May 09, 2011

room tour: family room - a well used room -

i decided to share the most used room in my house, next to the kitchen.  the "family" room!  i live in a 2 sty home, that was built in 2001.  in this part of the world, we refer to a family room that's on the second sty, as a "bonus" room.  and that it is!  a place to relax, play video games, eat in front of the tv, blog, edit/work (i'm a photographer), play, it's a BONUS that it's relatively big and bright, close to bedrooms (which is cool if you have little kids and don't want to be seperated by 2 floors while they're sleeping and you're watching a movie).  love that it's not a gloomy basement! i also love the vaulted ceiling!  

but of course this is not what we started with!

the before:


my 3 babies!

feature wall color:  benjamin moore's "gray shower"

beachy accents....of course! :)

no fabric is too precious in this room!

would love to have a dedicated space for my office but for now it's out in the open and is kinda nice since the computer's in a public place, which i like when my kids are using it.  and i can work while my little one plays or watches tv.  but someday....

still wanting to change the boring little "boob" lights!
(and baseboards/trim/doors...and, and, and...list never ends!)

inexpensive ikea desk top and picked the legs to match

found this toy basket at a garage sale for $ how big it is!  hold a ton!  and no the toys are not always put away like this!

well that's it....dark, forgiving colors for a family that LIVES in this room!