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Monday, May 02, 2011

what would you like to see more of....? - poll

i want to make my blog the most enjoyable i can for my fabulous readers, so i added a little poll at the top of the right column.  take a quick second and click which area you'd like me to feature more frequently.

i'm also making a few changes in the appearance department, so bare with me as i try and figure out a look that i like!  problem with being "creative", is i can't leave well enough alone! :)

and because no blog post is complete without a picture in my opinion....... i thought i'd include a few beachy favorites from a trip we took last year to miami beach.....

and a few palm trees - just for fun!

-thank you soooooo much to everyone who's been kind enough to leave comments on my posts and share such positive words!  also thank you to everyone who's asked questions and been interested enough in what i'm doing to actually investigate further.....thank you!!!


  1. Hello! I am reading this post a few weeks late, so it looks like I missed the poll...I would not change a thing...I love everything you are posting...sharing your home with us, diy, inspiration photos...I am devouring it all since I discovered this blog yesterday! The only thing I could think of asking for is photography tips...you are amazing! i was wondering how to make my beach pictures look as brilliant (or even close to) as these colors. What settings are best to use to get the gorgeous turqouise colors of the ocean?

  2. Thanks so much!
    I'm actually a wedding photographer, so I have pretty awesome equipment, plus the knowledge of adobe photoshop......so.....can't say it's just one setting to achieve pretty blues....it's a combination of everything! but, you've inspired me to create some posts on photography tips, so stay tuned for that!


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