Thursday, June 16, 2011

1 room 2 looks

i've showed off my dining room before....but thought i'd share with you all the latest developments in this room!  first and foremost, i got new dining room chairs!  can't tell you how exciting this is to me!  i've been on the hunt for new ones, for a couple of years now.  i wanted deep, comfy, wide, stylish, simple BUT inexpensive - chairs.  a tall order to fill.  i'd find ones i like but then they were $400 or ones that were the right price, but not super i didn't settle.....just kept hunting.....
and then i came across these ones at target apparel....and only $125, which i think is decent for good chairs.  they're huge, look good and i love 'em!

before, before:

then, a newer before:

and now, with the new chairs!

i decided to add a couple ikea shelves, so i could display photos, and not worry about hanging them.  just laying them against the wall in a layered look....

old aquarium coral....a couple bucks at walmart

create some inexpensive beachy-ness

some pinecones collected on a camping trip in british columbia a few years back....sprayed white as well!

and then.....a 2nd look:
i use this room to meet with clients about their wedding plans, i just take down our family pics, and showcase a few fave shots from past weddings and engagement sessions....

only takes a couple of minutes to change out the photos, and the shelving makes it easy to do so!

a room for dining or work!