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Friday, June 03, 2011

"best of blogland" fridays!

welcome to the first installment of the "best of the blogland" fridays!
i'm always surfing through other blogger's ideas and seeing what they've come up!  so many genious ideas!   i thought i'd share my faves each week - FRIDAY - of the best out there - in my opinion!

eventually i plan on creating a lovely linking party as well, but for now, it'll be through my own hunting!

this week's faves:

paper mache tea cups.  i may not attempt this, but so delicate and pretty:  ann wood

fun summer to do list:  tatertots and jello

child's "french" chair - love it!  lilyfield life

beautiful terraniums:  not just a housewife

i seriously "love" this idea...no pun intended!  one piece of artwork transformed into an even better piece of artwork!  i will be 'copying' this!  tracy's trinkets & treasures

great tips on couponing, which i'm hoping to incorporate.....not the wacky 30 hr/wk people either (no offense, but we don't all have that kind of time! :).....

driftwood hurricane:  sugar and spackle
(i have my own diy in mind using driftwood that i hope to tackle this month, so stay tuned!)

love any furniture painted blue!  perfectly imperfect

envelope pillows with personalized lettering - awesome!  sas interiors

i made these "dad's cookies", created by fellow calgarian blogger, jo-anne, and they are DELISH!

well, that's some of the highlights i found this week.  no doubt there's tons i missed!  so until next week....


  1. Loving the driftwood hurricane!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout-out! What a lovely surprise on this Friday morning!

  3. I have been picking up drift wood at the beach every time I play volleyball. Not sure what it will end up turning into, but I love the hurricane.

  4. I actually saw that blue side table post as well - and I have a very similar table gathering dust in my laundry room... Feeling inspired.

  5. i LOVE the family summer bucket list, what a great way to incorporate everyone into the plans and keep a running list of what people want to do. living in sydney we look forward to the weekends and then forget what it was we wanted to do that past monday!


  6. I know what I want to do this weekend ....... make those cookies and then eat them while making a driftwood hurricane!!! I collected a bunch of driftwood on my last trip to the beach.

  7. love this idea - so fun! I can't wait to see more!


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