Monday, June 13, 2011

cork board diy

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this cork board diy is great, but i posted it in 2011!  can't believe it's been that long!
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i came across this awesome diy on another blog, isabella and max rooms....
i thought it was so genious, i decided to do one for myself!

isn't it bright, beachy, practical and adorable??!!

i started with an ikea cork board - $6.99
spray painted the frame white

took some fabric leftover from another project and draped it over the frame, took a pencil, ruler and traced an outline on the wrong side of the fabric

trimmed it, leaving about an inch, to iron under, creating a crisp line

bought some decorative tacks from the fabric store

secured the corners first, then the middle of each side, and so on and so on, pulling the fabric tight

super uneven!  oh well!

i originally had a dry erase board hanging here, but decided to move that around the corner and have this here instead

then.....liked it soooo much, created another one for my desk area and my endless "to do" lists!

love it!  go make one!