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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

room tour: ensuite - ALMOST finished!

thought i'd share with all of you a room that i'm really proud of!  it's not just a great transformation, but it was done a itsy bitsy teeny weeny budget!

our ensuite

here's what we had to work with!  once again, not the ugliest of rooms, just not my taste!
(when we toured the house for the first time)

not a fan of warm earthy tones, all the terracotta, or the blonde wood

sooooo.....with a whole lotta white tile, light paint, and a fresh and cool color palette.....we got.....


i still have to replace the hideous light fixture and i'm going to trim out the mirror, but i thought i'd share what we've done to date, b/c i'm really pumped about it!

we didn't replace the cabinets....just painted them a milky grey color

thought it would've been fun to do glass mosaics or marble mosaics as the entire bathtub backsplash, but that wasn't in the budget.....so we used inexpensive, instock white tiles from home depot, and then just added some decorative stripes with leftover glass tiles from our kitchen backsplash.  

eventually would like to replace the faucet, but for now it's what we've got.

i created this artwork, by taking a piece of mdf, lathered on some drywall mud for lumpy texture, and then painting it with some artist acrylics.....love it!  kind of mimics an oil painting!

can't tell you where i found this light fixture.  we were camping in british columbia and it was at a little shop there.  only one of an item kind of place, but i love the sparkle it adds to the very monochromatic space!

knobs - anthropologie

sink ($139) and faucet ($149) and marble tile ($6/sq ft) for countertop - home depot

i decided to use a premixed grout in "bright white" thinking it'd be more mildew and stain resistant, as it stated, but for some reason it dried this sandy color!  grrrr!  so i may just dig this out and replace it!

bought this coral in florida a few years back.  it was a purply color, so i spray painted it white and framed it in this shadow box frame from ikea.

added a little chrome sparkle

as well as natural finishes

gift from my mom!  the bombay company

this is a test board for the color i want to 'trim' out the big builder mirror in.....that's been on my list of "things to do" for about 6 mths!

but, yeah i'm pretty proud of the transformation considering how small the budget was for this room!
floor tile - approx. $60 - discontinued product, clearance priced
shower surround, sink and tub backsplash - white tile - in different sizes - varied from 35 cents - $1 each
marble vanity tiles - approx $65
paint color - benjamin moore - silver satin
light fixture - $100
sink - $139
faucet - $149
knobs - $6 each

**i'll  make sure and post the final transformation when i'm officially done!**


  1. It looks amazing and I love that you did it on a limited budget. You would never know by looking at it. Great job!

  2. Awesome transformation on an amazing budget. So lovely! Love how you made the artwork, so resourceful!

  3. I love what you do with your house! You have amazing taste!

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous bathroom Natalie! I love the tile work around the bath and those little glass knobs are perfect!!! Ok, your artwork on mdf board, gorgeous and I LOVE how your framed in the sea fan. It really is a peaceful and tranquil space!

  5. I recently stumbled across your blog and absolutely LOVE what you've done with this bathroom (and the rest of your house)!

  6. natalie!!!! i absolutely love it!!! gorgeous is not even strong enough a word...

  7. I adore what you've done with it... especially those knobs and the glass tile accent around the tub. We're looking for some inspiration for renovating our own bathroom and you've definitely provided me with some! :)

  8. you have fabulous taste in bathroom sinks! ( we have the same ones) lol

  9. It is so fabulous - I love it and am keeping this article as inspiration for my upcoming master bath re-do. Well done!!


  10. You are one talented lady!! I am in love with your house! Can you make the 13 hour drive to Utah and come redo mine please :}

  11. What a great change - love the after! Agree that the existing light fixture is hideous, but LOVE the new one that you put up. It is amazing. Great deal on the tile and painting the cabinets, overall a completely different look for the room (and by the way, I yearn for a bathroom as spacious as yours).

  12. What a lovely transformation! Love all the changes, your new bathroom looks great! Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and adding your link.

  13. are you kidding me!!? this is stunning! i LOVE the art that you created too. just beautiful, you should be very proud!

  14. It's super gorgeous! I love the crisp serene look it has ~ the whites are wonderful and love your choice of accessories too ~You did a fantastic job! I host a weekend party at my blog if you would like to come share sometime! :) Enjoy your pretty bathroom!

  15. Amazing transformation! It is so much more serene and calming. Don't you just hate those "hollywood" light fixtures?1 bleh. I took one of a bathroom as well, best thing I ever did! lol You have done a fabulous job with this room. Thank you for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday!


  16. Great makeover! I love the floor tiles. What type of tile is that?


  17. Its from home deot however the til was discontinued so it's not available anymore!

  18. Wow!! What a fabulous job you did and for such a great price! It's so lovely, serene and calming, very spa like. The art your created is gorgeous. You should be very happy with the results! Enjoy it! I'm very inspired to make some changes in my bath!
    Visiting you from at the picket fence party.

  19. You continue to amaze me! I love your white and gray scheme with pops of aqua. I've been crushing on those knobs from Anthropologie for a while. So good to see them in action!

  20. All so beautiful! Love those green knobs =)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  21. Wow! I totally love what you've done!!!!!! We're remodeling our bathroom right now and I'm greatful for the inspiration! Our bathroom looks like something out of a nighmare at the moment but your post helps give me hope that it will turn out well. Thanks!

  22. This looks awesome! You should be soo proud! We're in the middle of redoing our guest bathroom - so seeing finished projects give me that extra motivation to GET OURS DONE! Congrats!

  23. Terrific redo! Fresh and bright. Imagine how much you'll enjoy this in the winter's dark days.

  24. Sweet ensuite! Beautiful and Frugal! Two of my fave things!

  25. It's amazing! What a serene space to unwind in!

  26. Wow, this looks absolutely stunning! I love the bright airy feel with the touches of soft color. Thanks for the inspiration!


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