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Friday, July 29, 2011

"best of blogland" fridays!

welcome to the 8th installment of:

fun kung fu panda cake home stories a to z

adorable blue beachy sign.....i'm a sucker for anything beachy! clean and scentsible

cool herringbone wall paint technique! always in wonder

jute wreath - lovely! weekend quickie

creating a picture wall - tutorial  twenty something

those were a few highlights!
have a happy weekend (long weekend, here in canada!)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

blog recommend: what katie ate

my lovely friend, shirrine, recommended i check out a blog she loves.....what katie ate.....
and i gotta say - it didn't disappoint.
gorgeous food
gorgeous photography

here's a few examples of what you'll find there:

check it out for recipes and more fab pics!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i heart orchids!

my most favorite flower in the whole wide world, is a simple orchid.   
5 yrs ago my husband bought me one and here's some pics of it still going strong.  it's grown each year.  it comes back bigger and stronger each time it blooms.  
it's art.

so pretty

Monday, July 25, 2011

room tour - ensuite (finished finally!)

"just finish it slowly....one thing at a time...."
that was our motto with the ensuite.  that is our motto with our house.  i'd love to have just moved in, and had a crazy few months of reno's and be done, but our schedules and our wallets didn't allow for that!  
we moved in, did a new kitchen, new hardwood, and pretty much painted all the walls....then slowly over the past 4 yrs we've done things as we could afford them.  tests my patience for sure!  however, the bonus, is that you get to live in your house for a while, get to know it, see what you like.....your mind changes, and eventually you settle on a scheme that has evolved from something you may have originally imagined. so, while it takes longer, it's a far more organic process.

this past weekend, we trimmed our the big boring builder mirror and hung a new light, finally completing the room!  we didn't wait until we could afford to do the whole room.....we just did one little thing at a time.  paint.  time passes.....  chip out tile.  time passes..... install new floor tile.  time passes....
you get the idea.  

i guess that's why i'm so happy this room is done.  it's small, but it took us 4 yrs to get here!

here's a reminder of what we started with:

and now.....sigh!

better right?!

i'm not a huge fan of the giant builder mirror, but couldn't argue it's practicality, so to give it a bit more personality and 'shrink' it a bit, i added some leftover baseboard, which we painted a pretty blue

just glued the 4 trim pieces onto the mirror using "no more nails"

sea fan i bought in florida, brought home, spayed it white and pinned it into a shadow box from ikea

knobs - $6 - anthropologie

used inexpensive, in stock white tiles and only a little bit of more expensive glass tiles (leftover from my kitchen) as decorative trim to create a look that's a little more interesting 

created some artwork, using a piece of mdf, which i slathered with drywall mud and painted with some artist's acrylics....i think it mimics an oil painting

but, yeah i'm pretty proud of the transformation considering how small the budget was for this room!
floor tile - approx. $60 - discontinued product, clearance priced
shower surround, sink and tub backsplash - white tile - in different sizes - varied from 35 cents - $1 each
marble vanity tiles - approx $65
paint color - benjamin moore - silver satin
hanging light fixture - $100
sink - $139
faucet - $149
knobs - $6 each
light fixture above mirror - $47

phew....glad it's done! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

"best of blogland" fridays!

welcome to the 7th installment of:

lovely linen flowers....gorgeous!  bianca snow

hand-painted coral pillow!  love it!  annabellea

armoire transformation and a beautiful shade of bluey green chalk paint!

great tutorial on aging brand new furniture! the quaint cottage

those were a few highlights i found!
happy weekend to you all! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer on my phone

summer is so much fun and soooooo short lived here....you really gotta soak it up as much as possible!  i realized i had a ton of cute pics on my iphone, so why not share?!

(roadtrip to banff)

(game we love.....settlers!)

so hot....i got in the kiddie pool on our deck!

love a good summer read!  i just started this....

my very white baby, sunblocked up!

calaway park!

and, of course, gotta mention, last week, i went to nkotb!  epic! :)

my cousin and i....went to the concert when i was 14 and she was 12 and here we are today!

(ok, this last pic wasn't taken with my phone!)

hope you're all having an awesome summer!