Tuesday, July 05, 2011

basement in progress!

last summer, we developed our unfinished basement.  we created a bedroom for our daughter, a bathroom, and a spare bedroom.  the other space was just left empty, b/c we could afford to furnish it!  so it's been neglected for the past year.  finally i got around to adding a few things...actually creating a living room.
here's a sneak peek into what's been happening:

what's this you ask?  a couch!  it's our basement family room....really for kids, video games, and needed more for practicality then for prettiness......so i abandoned my ikea couch snobbery, and looked into what they had....and....i was pleasantly surprised to find - some not-bad options!  

a few accessories.....turquoise and coral....my color combo for this room!

more to come soon!