Monday, July 04, 2011

boring to blue diy

i love blue.  almost every shade.  i also love unfinished wood.  mix the two and you get one of my latest little projects......crazy easy! 

swing by michaels, walmart or a dollar store, pick up something unfinished....

i got a couple of boxes and a tray....

removed the hardware and primed

sprayed the brass hardware white


for a couple of bucks, i got an awesome little box to sit on my vanity!  great storage for larger items that don't fit in my drawers....

sweet little arrangement from my backyard - delphiniums and petunias in a goblet with some shells

love this shade of blue - it's a combo of a few leftover blues i had around the house

so many people fly past all the unfinished products in stores or only buy them for kid's projects/parties....but it's a really inexpensive way to bring something cute and custom to your home!