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Monday, July 18, 2011

kids summer craft ideas

first off, i didn't post on friday as i promised.....so sorry!  bottom line, summer is busy!  busiest time for my work, kids at home, and we had a house full of company from out of town.....so....

anyways, thought i'd share a few fun summery craft ideas for the kiddies today! 
we have such a short season here in calgary, that i'm really trying to make an effort to have a little fun this summer and stop "putting it off"....because soon enough the leaves will be falling!

( i remember doing this in school when i was a kid!)

(and of course i made tons of these!)

cute idea....could easily be customized further!

bug home

shell critters

click here to be redirected to kaboose for instructions

have some fun with your little munchkins!


  1. My sister and I were obsessed with making friendship bracelets like those! I'm pretty sure I wore at least 5 at a time ;) Aww, sweet memories.

    Great projects!

  2. Love your website---Great ideas!!!


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