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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

nkotbsb tonight!

well it's that time of year in calgary.....stampede!  with it brings, the midway, rodeos, yummy food and awesome concerts....
and for me.....i'm not ashamed to admit....i'm a true blue new kids on the block fan!  i was honestly embarrassed about my nkotb crush, back when i was 12 b/c a lot of my friends didn't share my passion!  but with time, comes a "who cares?!" attitude.  so i'm going, proud of it, and it can't come soon enough!
i saw them when i was 14. then they reunited a few years back....where i went to two concerts and now they're back again this summer....touring with backstreet boys.  sooooo.....yup i'm going....can't wait!
woo hoo!

i'm not a backstreet fan....but never the less, it's gonna be good!!
i won't be posting tomorrow, so c ya friday!

can't post without a photo, so here's my boys back when i first fell in love:


and now:

aging like fine wine i tell ya!  :)

my fave, jordan

my ears are hurting already from the deafening screams! :)


  1. I just saw them last night in Edmonton!! They were AMAZING!!! Even at 29, I think I'm a little too young to really remember NKOTB songs, as I didn't recognize half of them and/or couldn't remember the lyrics!!! I'm more of a BSB fan myself, but together with Matthew Morrison as the opening act, and NKOTB, it was a concert worth seeing!!! Have fun!!

  2. I am a huge fan also!!! I loved when I was 14 loooong after the rest of my friends jumped ship (took some kids I babysat for to a concert since nobody my own age wanted to go:))
    Donnie was always my fave - HAVE FUN!!!

  3. I share your love! My fave is Jordan too. I had a pillowcase with him on it when I was younger and used to brag at school about how I slept with him every night... lol

  4. I was so young the first time they were around, but was a huge fan regardless! Loved Joey! Saw them in concert when they did their first tour a few years back and absolutely loved it! :) Enjoy the show!

  5. I went and saw them in May!! Was the best night ever! And I'm not ashamed to admit how much I love them either!! You are going to have a BLAST!!! Seeing all those pics makes me wish i was there too! I hope they tour every year!

  6. I loved NKOTB from the moment I discovered them as the opening act for Tiffany's concert tour. Joe was always my favorite. I had their posters and magazine cutouts wallpapering my room! They were just here last week with BSB but I didn't go. Hope you had a good time!


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