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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

room tour: basement bathroom

kind of last second, i decided to snap a few pics of my basement bathroom.  we finished about a year ago and i'm actually really proud of how cute it is, considering it's just a "basement" bathroom....

i apologize for the quality of the pics....was to lazy to grab my flash, so they're a little dark and not as clear as i'd like....but you'll get the idea....

no big ugly before picture.....since it was an unfinished basement.....so this is what we came up with, for the budget we had....

vanity - the home depot ($599)
vanity faucet - the home depot ($159)
porcelain floor tile - leftover from our previous house - so free!

mirror - jysk - $25
lights - the home depot - $39/each - i think!

shower curtain - home outfitters - brian gluckstein collection

shower faucet - rona - $189

marble tiles - the home depot - $19/sq ft.....so only used it for a decorative stripe wrapping tub
white tiles - the home depot - approx $2/tile

crystal door knob - rona - $39

painted the ceiling - behr's polar white
(hard to tell in the picture, but it's a 'very' subtle blue)
wall color - benjamin moore's silver satin

for a room with no windows, i'd like to think we achieved a cute, bright, slightly beachy - bathroom!


  1. I love the sink and the tile you did a great job it looks very bright and airy

  2. Beautiful...glad you splurged on the doorknob...and you just can't beat HD prices! Really nice job.

  3. Ahhh I love it! It's so bright and cheery and clean for a basement bathroom with no windows. You nailed it right on the head.

    I pinned the picture of the hanging lights over your vanity. Love that idea and something I may suggest to my other half, that we use when we reno our bathroom soon! :)

  4. Very clean and serene. I wish my "good " pictures looked half as good as your "bad." I guess since you are a pro. you are more criticle of your photography?

  5. Beautiful - and that doorknob is such a great touch. It is a very classy and crisp room! Great job!

  6. That sink is amazing. I have a similar conundrum in my half bath: no natural light at all. I'm inspired!

  7. ooo, it's so chic and spa like! I love it. Great find on the mirror from jysk - I'm looking for something similar for our powder room.

  8. Hi Natalie, Gorgeous!! What a lovely bathroom. : ) ~ Catie

  9. Wow! So pretty and fresh! I am visiting from My Uncommon Slice. Thanks for sharing!


  10. I love your bathroom...it looks so tranquil!! The petunias are super pretty too, love the splash of color and happiness fresh flowers bring.


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