Tuesday, July 19, 2011

tin can candle holders diy

i saw this little idea probably around 14 years ago!  saw it in a martha stewart magazine.....and i remember making up some cute little candle holders at the time and decorating my apartment with them.
 now, i'm not sure they're quite polished enough looking for my home, however i thought they'd be adorable on my back deck!

so simple!

so, to do get this:

eat some soup, or fruit, or....
peel off the labels and wash the cans out...

fill with water and set in freezer, until the water is frozen

use a towel to help the can from sliding around, and place it on it's side

punch holes into the tin can using a screwdriver and hammer....you can make it as decorative as you desire....i kept mine pretty simple...

then, i sprayed them white.....you wouldn't even 'have to' do this, but i thought it'd make them look less cheap!

pop in some little tea lights

and you're done....really pretty at night!