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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pretty flowers

i have completely neglected my lil blog for the past week and was only hit and miss for the week prior to that!  yikes!  so sorry!  
i really love blogging.....i just am so busy this summer with work and kids and a million other little things!  aaaahhhh!  so bare with me!  september will be better, i promise!

anyways, thought i'd share the easiest, foul proof flower in my backyard....good ol' petunias!
i pick one color, in different shades and put each single color in a pot.  really simple.  but when it's all full and lush, it's quite pretty!

and my favorite perennial, hands down:  delphiniums!  pretty shades of blue....lovely!

and they make gorgeous cut flowers for indoors!

hope you're all enjoying your backyards/balconies/pots... this summer!


  1. I love flowers!
    Yours are so cute!
    Thankies for sharing! =D

  2. i love petunias too- they get so hardy and always flower, love that. your garden looks awesome!

  3. I love petunias! Your garden is lovely and the purple is so striking. I did all purples and lavenders, too, this year and they're so gorgeous when they fill in. Your vase of delphiniums are beautiful. I'll have to plant some of those. Hope your week is going well!

  4. pretty!
    not enjoying the outdoors much lately, very, very hot and humid in FL so i can live vicariously through your photos.

  5. Beautiful photography. You really captured the fragility of the delicate delphinium. Andrea @ townandprairie

  6. what pretty flowers wish my back yard had some lovely flowers like these i am rubbish with gardening


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