Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pretty flowers

i have completely neglected my lil blog for the past week and was only hit and miss for the week prior to that!  yikes!  so sorry!  
i really love blogging.....i just am so busy this summer with work and kids and a million other little things!  aaaahhhh!  so bare with me!  september will be better, i promise!

anyways, thought i'd share the easiest, foul proof flower in my backyard....good ol' petunias!
i pick one color, in different shades and put each single color in a pot.  really simple.  but when it's all full and lush, it's quite pretty!

and my favorite perennial, hands down:  delphiniums!  pretty shades of blue....lovely!

and they make gorgeous cut flowers for indoors!

hope you're all enjoying your backyards/balconies/pots... this summer!