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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i'm back......with some new york adventures and nate berkus!

well what can i say?  i've neglected my lovely lil blog for a couple of weeks now, and i was fairly horrible at regular postings the month or so before that too!
like i've said before, summer is my busiest time of year for work (wedding photographer, in case you're a new reader!) and i've literally been swamped!  feeling like i didn't have time to shower, let alone, blog!

but, i'm back and excited to share with you what's been happening in my little chunk of the world!
first off, i've decided to set a slightly more realistic schedule for blogging.  i plan on blogging 3 times per week.  not everyday like i had been when i started.  it's just too much of a commitment.  i love it, but i don't want to neglect my family/home/work/responsibilities - in order to blog.  
so, expect to see me around 3 times/wk from now! :)

ok, the biggest chunk of news, i must update you with is the fact that i got a call from the fabulous, lori......a producer from the "nate berkus show" in july!  say what?!!!?  


she came across my blog and wanted to know if i'd be interested in being featured on a "house proud" segment?  


as well, would i want to share how to paint rugs.....a great diy....on the show, with nate?


sooooo, exciting.

also, sooooo nerve-wracking!!!!

but, of course, not an opportunity that you say no to, despite the anxiety i suddenly felt about being on tv!
first off, they send you a camera, that you have to use to film your home....they can't stress enough as to how bubbly and fun you have to appear!  so naturally, you feel silly!  then, you just send it off, hoping whatever their editors splice together won't make you look to ridiculous!  

many many many emails and phone calls from the team of producers to instruct you on how to present yourself, talking points, how to dress, etc, etc, etc.....

and the day comes to take off to new york city!

and guess what happens the 36 hrs prior to the time our flight is supposed to leave?!


craziness!  we weren't sure if we were going to be able to leave.....but somehow, our flight was able to leave on time, with no delays!  although the airports were closed that weekend and 12 000 flights had been cancelled.  newark opened 8 hrs before we were scheduled to land.  cutting it close to say the least!

i brought my husband and my youngest to keep me company.  we flew in a couple of days before filming so we could see the sights.  we'd never been so it was fun to be a tourist!

here's some fave photos from our lil new york adventure!

we stayed right in times square for the first 3 nts!  so bright!

i love this pic of radio city music hall!  we went to zarkana - a cirque du soleil show there!  we were worried our little guy wouldn't have his attention held and we'd have to sneak out....but nope - he was completely entertained!  we were 6th row - seriously - makes all the difference in the world!

i didn't have my giant camera with me, so i snapped a few of the gorgeous interior, with my iphone....

we went to the "top of the rock" to get a bird's eye view of the city....really cool!

right on broadway, there is a restaurant called "the stardust diner"..... they have singing waiters!  soooo fun!  super talented people!  last year they lost 11 people to broadway and 2 made it to the final rounds of american idol!  

fabulous food there and everywhere else....

seriously good...good thing we walked 60 blks everyday.....b/c this girl ate way too many carbs!!

the famous "5th avenue"

trump tower

not sure, but i think this is the "plaza"

central park!

i love all the deli's, markets, and flower stands everywhere....

then, came thursday....'show' day!

b/c nate is the rockstar that he is.....i wasn't able to meet him before the show or talk to him after....its pretty much just a bit of a whirlwind.... 
i was literally met at the door of the studio and pulled into 'rehearsal'  
it's over in a few minutes and i wasn't even sure what i said or didn't say..... :S

a little direction here and there from different producers and then you're ushered down for the taping!
very surreal...

so how did it go, you ask?!

well...i survived!

they bring you in, to sit in the front row, just before the segment.....nate comes out, talks a bit with the audience, introduces my 'house proud' video, it rolls.....they bring me up on stage, nate comes over and once the video is done, we have a lil exchange!  really cool!  he's incredibally charming and puts you at ease right away!  phew!

went to commercial....and then came back and did a quick demo on how to paint inexpensive ikea rugs and make them look completely different, just by using paint!  

all in all, it was fast.....very short and sweet....but very cool none the less! 

this is jude playing and flirting with the producers down the hall....

i have no nice, real pictures of nate and i or the actual show :(

however, my husband sat in the green room, while i was filming, b/c my little guy was napping in there......SO, i made him use my iphone to record the tv's live feed.  i then, took a few 'stills' from the video, so i'd have 'something' in the form of a photo to share!  super blurry and awful, but it's nate and i, none the less! :)

so, for those of you who may just wanna check out the actual show:  it airs oct 5th!

f.a.o. shwartz....the famous piano from the "big" movie

thought this little building looked cute sandwiched in here!

if you're a mom, you've probably seen "night at the museum".....so i had to take the picture!

and, that was it!  we left on a monday and flew back on a friday!  quick!  we jammed in as much as we could in the time we had and with our little 2 yr old tagging along.

we did go to a designer discount place, called "century 21" which is right across the street from ground zero.....so we were able to visit both sites at once!  and, only 1 wk before the 10 year anniversary of 911.  
gave a greater meaning to the city and what it's gone through.....

ok, friends.....i'll see you soon!


  1. Congratulations! Such fabulous news! I will definitely be watching!
    And your photos here are amazing, so so beautiful!

  2. How exciting! So many great pictures! :) I'll be watching on October 5th for sure!

  3. Wow! That is so awesome! You deserve all the attention to your blog and projects. Can't wait to watch you on the show.

  4. Sounds like a great trip! Congrats on being on the show.

  5. WOW! what an experience! Such wonderful news. Your photos are gorgeous too by the way. I am a new reader so look forward to your posts and am battling with 'how many to post' each week as well. Glad to see others battle the same and I like your idea of 3 per week moderation. Will look for you on Nate! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hi Natalie, I'm so happy for you and not surprised at all, there is nothing that I have seen on your site that does not deserve a spot on a magazine or a feature on the Nate show! Congrats .... :) xo

  7. Oh my gosh woman, this is amazing! Love that your wonderful blog brought about such an amazing opportunity! Can't wait to see the show. Amazing photos from your trip as well! Way too exciting!

  8. Yay for you, Natalie!! Can't wait for the show to air! Your pictures, as always, are amazing. Congratulations. = )

    ~ Catie

  9. That is SO exciting! Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing your show. And your pictures of New York are fabulous!

  10. Omygoodness that is soo crazy and exciting!! Good for you :) Looks like you had a (nerve-wracking) blast...your pics are amazing :)

    Coley @

  11. ummm this is amazing and SO inspiring! Thanks for sharing.. and please make sure to remind us before it airs and I'll tape the show. GREAT JOB!

  12. Wow! How exciting it that!? Nate Berkus and a trip to NYC? Can't wait to check it out on Oct 5th!

    Your photos from New York are beautiful.

  13. Amazing! Congratulations...such fun to visit AND get to be on Nate!

  14. So excited for you about Nate! I am horrible at thinking on my feet, so I would be terrified of filming a TV segment! Glad you got to tour NYC a bit, too. It's a really neat city. I live in the suburbs of a smaller city, and I admire that you can get around in NYC so easily via walking or subway, and that markets are so accessible. A family friend moved there and works for MTV right in Times Square. Anyway, I digress. Looking forward to seeing you on the Nate show!!


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