Thursday, September 15, 2011

room tour: basement family room!

ok everyone, finally i'm ready to show off another room!  i apologize for the low quality of photos....was too lazy to grab my flash, so a bit grainy.... but you get the idea!

our basement.  last summer we did the work, but our budget didn't allow us to actually furnish it until this summer.  we have a fairly small space, b/c we added a bathroom, a guest room, and gave my daughter a large bedroom.  the remaining space is basically just a "tv room" so we don't really need tons more space anyways!

my approach to the room was keep it light and bright....yeah, yeah, pretty much like the rest of my house!  some people may feel it best to warm it up with richer colors, since it's a 'basement' but i couldn't disagree more!  a light wall color expands this small room perfectly.

although we furnished it, we didn't have much in the 'budget' dept, so we wanted to get as much bang for our buck as possible!  meaning, i wanted a whole lotta couch for not a whole lotta money.  if i got a couch/sectional that i loved from a 'nice' store it'd have been super tiny for the price i wanted to pay.  so instead, i got this giant couch and chaise at good ol ikea!  i originally thought i'd hate anything ikea had to offer, but turns out this one was really ideal for us!

not my dream couch, but it's the basement, so whatever!

ya feel pretty classy assembling your own couch :(

i blew up two fave photos from our recent family session.....i say don't bog down a focal wall with a bunch of teeny tiny frames.....go big or go home and make a statement!

i wanted everything neutral, so i can switch out the accent colors.
right now, i'm loving turquoise and coral! beachy, right?

the beginnings of a picture wall.  i personally love them in hallways or walls that you don't stare at all the time.  just passing by - kinda walls - since they can be a bit busy otherwise.
i'm just going to add to this as time passes and then move to the other side.

i really love adding texture....especially since the basic furniture isn't anything super special!  spend $40 on a blanket at homesense, instead of $5 at ikea, and you get a richer look for not too much investment!

plus, they FEEL better!

added this print, which i love.  this poor photo doesn't give much justice to it, but i really love the moodiness to it!

once again, b/c the room was relatively small and boring, we added a few touches to add interest.  

love the doors and glass knobs.  a little extra $ but worth every penny.  "rise above the boring builder doors!"  now, i've got to do my main floor/upstairs!

added an inexpensive automan - from bouclair home - with extra storage...

added an electric fireplace to give off a little heat - b/c our basement's fairly cool

a great way to add some visual interest to a room that has nothing visually interesting going creating the look of panelling.  we added baseboards, a chair rail and cut mdf into strips, filled in all the nail holes, dapped, and gave the boards AND wall all a coat of white paint.  looks solid, even though it's a bit of an illusion!

there you have it!  very simple, but super practical for our lil family.  my winter project will be transforming this guest bedroom into my own dedicated space - my office!  can't wait!!!
so here's a peek at what's happening in this room at the moment.....
but not for long!!

so stay tuned for this transformation!