Monday, September 26, 2011

vintage mason jars diy

years and years ago when i first got married, i was going to school, and on my lunch break i'd watch the old martha stewart living tv show.  i never loved antiques or collectibles at the time, but she did introduce me to all the beautiful old mason every shade of blue and green.  i loved them at first sight!  over the years, the odd time i went out hunting for old finds, i'd always look for these lovely vessels....but was always disappointed when i couldn't find them.  it's almost as if, people know they're pretty, so they hold on to them!!

anywho, a few years back i saw a great diy in a martha stewart magazine and then in the last year i've seen similar tutorials pop up over blogland! (another tutorial - click here)

so, after collecting a couple of jars - i was ready to create my own today!!

like every good diy - a great tutorial is just a start - you quickly learn, you have to adjust and tweak...
however to get something similar to this, follow my instructions!

collect some jars as you use them up....i used spaghetti, ketchup and jam/jelly jars....

you'll also need some white glue, some foam brushes, some food coloring and a little water

recipes are slightly different for the different colors.  basically equal parts glue and water, then a couple of drops of green and a drop of blue.  mix well.  experiment with different combinations of blue and green drops of food coloring to come up with the color you desire.  the lighter the color the more forgiving the application

some tutorials would have you swish it around the inside....making beautiful jars, but you wouldn't be able to put water in them, b/c it would ruin the finish.  so, i painted the outside.

it'll look quite streaky at first.  apply a second coat.  then allow it to dry.  have a little faith.  you'll be convinced, it'll look horrible and runny, but then the glue dries and creates a frosted look....

see..... the streaks disappear!  worst case scenario, you hate what you did....just wash it off and start again!

i had some roses in the house, so i stuck them in here and i love the romatic, pretty feel they create in the jars!


so easy.  you'll probably have all the supplies in your house already!
try it!  so lovely!

spaghetti jars never looked so good!