Thursday, October 06, 2011

60's is so 2011

i downloaded the first 3 seasons of mad men last year, watched them, wanted to love them, b/c everyone else does....but sadly, just didn't.  loved the look at the past, the styles, the feel, but did not love the lack of intriguing story or a main character that i cared about.  sorry.  i realize this is not the popular opinion.

however, 2 new shows have just started this fall.  pan am and the playboy club.
love 'em.  for some reason, i'm just way more invested in the characters and the story. yay!

it got me to we're all so drawn into these tv shows, the look and style of them....
so today i thought i'd share a little 60's decor!
not necessarily beachy, but most definately cool and inspiring....

kind of cool to see the evolution of decor, don't ya think?
we keep the good, and leave the bad!