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Thursday, October 20, 2011

a shout out!

as many of you bloggers know, we're constantly inspired by other fellow bloggers.  once in a while you connect with someone's blog more so than others!  it's always so much fun to browse through their creativity and get some great 'take away' ideas to incorporate in your own home! 
many of us bloggers share ideas from each other.  today, i got a lovely 'shout out' from a new 'follower/reader'....it was so sweet, i felt compelled to return the favor!

so check out:

here's a few pics from her own home and the hard work she's been doing!

her office

a cabinet transformation

fabulous chair makeover!

so head on over and check her out!  and thanks once again,  melissa for your sweet words!


  1. Thanks SO much Natalie! Im so honoured you would post about me :) We're in the midst of many other projects, so hopefully Ive have more "room" reveals to share soon ;) Thanks again for being such a huge inspiration :)

  2. That chair is amazing!


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