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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

a lil of this, a lil of that...

so sorry, i've been missing in action here the last week and a half!  life gets busy sometimes and unfortunately blogging can take the backseat.....

but, i wanted to remind you all of the giveaway i have going on still, by 

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so, what have i been up to you ask?  not an exciting answer....just work, kids, etc!
our wedding season for shooting has come to an end now, so i'm just trying to finish up editing as quickly as i can, so i can devote myself to all the 'stuff' i put on the back burner for the summer/fall.

i want to paint my bathroom, and my entrance! 

something along these lines, for my bathroom...
benjamin moore - constellation - AF-40

check out this lovely zebra rug from west elm!

i decided i really needed a big area rug in my living room and this was going to be it!  of course we only have one west elm in canada.  and it's not calgary.  of course they won't ship rugs from their online store.  so i call the store directly.  of course, they don't have the largest size i want.  they do have a slightly smaller one, which would work too.  but of course, they're out of stock.  so now i'm on a waiting list for about a month! :(
but so pretty, it'll be worth the wait, i think!

 i also need/want to get out of my boring cooking routine!  my sister in law has this book, (i think) and she's always making something amazing looking....so i might copy her!

as well, it's now chilly in our part of the world :(
we have a little dusting of the white stuff in a few spots still!

i like this pic above, but don't worry, we're not looking quite like that YET!

however, the weather is a little more bearable when you've booked your winter vacation!
this year, we're headed to hawaii, with some friends!  we're trying out the big island, b/c we've never been there before!  

i can't wait!  however, i'm going with a lot of very skinny friends!  so i've been working by butt off for the last 3 weeks!  unfortunately, not really feeling/seeing any differences yet!  honestly, it's blood, sweat and tears for every ounce i lose!

oh well, i'll just keep at it....sigh!
can you sense my frustration?! 

and last but not least, yesterday, i decided to go through my closet and make a little room, by doing some decluttering.  i decided to follow the rule, "if you haven't woren something in the last year, then toss it or donate it"
seriously felt so good.....so much more room and 3 bags to donate....phew!
that whole thing about how most of us wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time is super accurate with me, so why hold on to old stuff, right? 
not to mention, you then actually can see and remember all that you have and "wear" more of your clothes, b/c they're accessible!
i recommend it!

ok friends, like i said....no fabulous 'home' post, just some ramblings....


  1. We were on the Big Island this summer and loved it - just be prepared that the west side of the island is NOT lush and tropical - more like a moonscape - lava, lava everywhere! My geologist husband was like a kid in a candy store!!

    Caroline, Calgary too!

  2. Sounds like you've been very busy - wow! It's getting cold here too so Hawaii sounds fabulous right about now. :O)

    Hope you're having a great weekend.


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