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Friday, December 04, 2015

5 minute lava lamp

when i was a kid i remember making these super easy "lava lamps" with my brother.  we failed to ask my mom if we could use all her oil, but other than that, they were a fun little craft!  so today, my little guy was "bored" as he often claims, and i said "hey, let's make a little lava lamp!"

so easy.  takes about 5 minutes and uses things you have around the house.  best part.

here it is:

so in order to get this, all you'll need is an old jar, bottle or some sort of container that will achieve a good seal.  i had a mason jar around, so used that.
then you'll need, some water, some food coloring of your choice, and some sort of oil.

see how easy?  fill jar with some water, color it, and then top with oil. voila!

happy crafting!

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