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Saturday, December 26, 2015


We recently had a little games night at our house and thought it'd be fun to give away some sort of little prize to all the kids.  Just didn't want to spend a bunch of money that I don't have kinda thing!  So I remembered seeing different ideas out there on Pinterest that dressed up little jars, and thought that might work.  So this is what I did to create a super easy, inexpensive and pretty darn adorable little "prize!"

I bought some baby food jars, got rid of the baby food, cleaned the labels off and was left with the perfect size jar.....

decided on some colors.....also ended up using a white, not pictured here.....

I bought some dollar store animals and glued them to the lids.  I tried gorilla glue, assuming it'd be strong, but after 4 hours, it still hadn't really "stuck" so just opted to use hot glue as a quick fix.  Didn't use it originally because I assumed it wouldn't be quite as tough as the gorilla glue.  But it seemed to work.  Then gave them a coat of spray paint!

Filled the jars with bulk candy from the grocery store, and voila.....a delicious little treat.

Once the candy is gone, the jars could be used to hold other small items, so a win win :)

Cute hey?!  

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No go create a little something!

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