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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

new house - main floor - before shots!

ok, i'm back!  i'm blogging several months later than i had stated in my last post! but truthfully, life in a reno is no time to haul out the computer!  i didn't even unpack it for a month.

so here we are.  been living here since june 2015.  we set aside time and money to tackle some big stuff right off the bat.  and we did.  but like all reno's, they take more time and more money than you think!  even if you're experienced in this department, like we kinda thought we were....we still didn't have enough time and money and energy (equally important) to get all our wishes crossed off our immediate wish list.  but we did a ton. so we're proud of what we were able to accomplish!  i can't wait to share all of this with you guys!

ok, so we bought a home in an older area of calgary than we were living.  not super old though.  our house was built in 1990.  kind of a perfect age in my mind.  i say that, because we're not having to rewire the entire home or spend a ton of money on plumbing and areas that cost money but aren't impressive to show off!  also great, because you have some older trees and larger lots that what we were used to in the tuscany area.  so we're in hawkwood.  love this area of calgary.  loved the house as soon as we drove up to it. great location, great yard, across a quiet street is the elementary school and in my mind: the perfect family home.  great bones.  i walked into the main entrance, and was so frustrated it smelled like smoke, b/c i already knew we were going to buy the house from first glance.  however, i hate the smell of smoke, and my son and i are both allergic. so putting that aside, assuming we could remedy the smell issue, i knew i wanted the house.  also knew every inch of it was going to have to be renovated!

so here's some before shots of the main floor to get us started! and to give you a quick idea of what we've been doing around here, at the end of this post, i'll provide one snapshot of the kitchen in an almost "after" state, so you'll see the vision start to come to life!

family room:

tons and tons of oak!  white paint here we come!

other angles:

couldn't wait to rip this wall between the kitchen and the "formal" dining room out!


formal dining room:

 so that gives you an idea of what we were working with!  lots of oak, with a side of oak!  plus a ton of caramel and clay colors.  literally my least favorite.  but i love the foot print.  two more rooms on the main floor....down the hallway:

 my office:

and the main floor bathroom/laundry:

that's it for the main floor, and that's a whole lotta nasty so i'll leave you with that for now!  trust me, it looks so much better as i write this, i can't wait to share the transformation!

and as promised, here's a quick glance at an "almost-after" shot of the kitchen!

better right???  ok i'll blog the finished kitchen soon and break it all down for you guys who love that :)

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