Monday, December 07, 2015


ok guys, i thought i'd start off my house tour with a room that required very little work....just needed a whole ton of white paint!  honestly this room shows the power of paint in my opinion.  the cheapest and fastest way to change the look of any room!  can't state that enough!

so this is our "formal" living room:

love me a white room! this is a room that doesn't have a tv and isn't really a room that gets too much wear and tear, so it's more structured and formal than i generally decorate.  but i like it!

but you gotta see where we started!  below is the picture from the real estate's brochure for the house, so it's a bit blurry, but you get the idea:

not my taste to the say the least!  but i could see the potential for a big white, bright, and light room!

here's when we moved in and started demo'ing everything:

a ton of warm clay colors, my least favorite!

so there was his weird divider between the living room and the formal entrance......i debated ripping it out, but i couldn't argue the practicality of a ledge to toss things when you first enter the house.  plus it creates a bit of wall, so easier to place furniture.  plus keeps the winter draft from hitting the living room immediately.  then i thought, why not flip it, so the shelves are on the entrance side....way more useful for the way we live.  shoes, baskets....etc....much more needed on the entrance side rather than the living room side!

with that flipped and painted....this is what we ended up with!

leather armchairs from urban barn and inexpensive black out blinds from ikea

blue glass from anthropologie

blue vase from indigo

a "beach house" has to have palms :)

bought inexpensive sconces from home depot, sprayed them gold and added an edison bulb!

pretty decent for $20!

planning on creating a bit more of a gallery wall above the couch as this one lonely pic isn't doing it for me....but until then....  SCROLL TO END OF POST FOR THE GALLERY WALL I'VE SINCE CREATED :)

 in love with button tufting!  this couch is from homesense!  $899 - darn good deal in my books!

table and lamp from homesense

rug from ikea and table from bouclair

green candle holder from loblaws

as you can see.....just a ton of white paint and my stuff in the room....pretty dramatic but super easy transformation.

white paint on walls:  i always use behr products, in an eggshell finish, but got home depot to color match ralph lauren's "brilliant white" into the behr paint.

as for the divider built in, i use behr - ultra pure white in a satin finish, right off the shelf.  no tinting, as i love a real bright white.  (and yes i did prime it first since it was laquered oak.  i love sherwin williams multi purpose laytex primer.....stops the yellow from the stain bleeding through)

lastly, for now, we're keeping the original hardwood as is.  it's not my first choice for hardwood or stain but we really didn't have the time and energy required to refinish it during the summer while we were attacking the majority of this home's major reno.  so we're living with it.  my husband wants to keep it, but at some point, i'd love to refinish it.  we'll see......

next room tour will be our kitchen....hope to share it by the end of the week!


Here's a couple shots that show off the gallery wall I recently created! I knew that one lonely pic wasn't enough, so here's the "after" of that thought!