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Thursday, January 28, 2016


I've been trying to eat clean and healthy for the past 3 wks and I've gotten myself into a nice routine.  Seriously dropped my sugar cravings by an astronomical rate and feeling better.  Every once in a while I still get a craving for something a little more indulgent tasting though!  I follow lots of healthy eaters on IG, that are constantly helping me to rethink old recipes and create new ones.  One breakfast I was seeing pop up a ton was banana pancakes.  So this morning I gave it a go and they were surprisingly delicious!  You should try em!

R E C I P E :

- mash 1 banana and 1 egg
- add 1/2 tsp vanilla and a good sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice
- create 4 pancake puddles in a non stick skillet, that has been lightly sprayed with PAM
- flip once bubbles start popping
- serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon and blueberries and 1 T of "no sugar added syrup"


- I've seen some recipes add pumpkin puree or 2 bananas, or a few chocolate chips...etc.... so be creative!  For me, these were exactly what I was looking for!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Ok seriously how cute is this cookie tin?!  I just love it! The best part is it cost me minutes and pennies to create!

Who hasn't had one of these kinds of tins around?  Especially around the holidays, cookies are always sold in these kinds of tins.  Obviously they're practical, simply by pulling the stickers off them!  But, of course, I knew I could make them even a little cuter with a coat of spray paint!

So pick your spray paint color of choice.  I love a matte or satin finish as it looks less cheap IMO!  I found this pretty pink at Michael's.  As well as these little wooden letters.  You get a bag with a ton of letters for appox $3 or $4.

--Spray the tin.  I chose to keep the lid on because I knew this tin would be used frequently and I didn't want to worry about the paint chipping off and looking ugly.  When the lid is removed there is a black rim - which I'm fine with!  It adds a 50's vibe to it for sure!

--Spray the letters your color of choice.

--Glue them on your tin using white glue.

--Once set, spray the whole thing with a clear matte coat of spray paint for a little protection.
(Optional, but I recommend it)

These cheap little wood letters vary ever so slightly in size, so you have to be ok with the imperfection.  Obviously I just eye-balled what looked good here.  You could take your time, measure/map out the perfect placement if the imperfections will bug ya!

Before placing cookies in, I let it sit out for a couple of days with the lid off to let any spray paint "smell" disappear.  The inside isn't sprayed, but a little of that strong smell gets in there.  A day makes it magically disappear!

How cute right?!  I had the spray paint and letters in my craft box, so this literally cost me nothing to make!  I just love it.  Cute sitting out.  Cute as a little housewarming or hostess gift.  

I'm kinda addicted to this idea of spraying and lettering stuff!  A couple of weeks ago I did a RECIPE BOX, so if you missed that, here's a shot below and the link to that post!

Hope to have inspired you :)
Have a great week!

Friday, January 22, 2016


I was in my garage the other day and glanced at our wood pile.  I noticed one piece that had been roughly chopped, looked like if I simply cut it, bookends could be created!  So I....meaning I got my husband to whip out his saw and make a few cuts.  Just 2 chunks of the log.  Then shave off the roughness from the axe chop, making it a bit more "refined!"

Voila, easy!  I'm not putting anything on them either.  I love birch, so I think they're perfectly beautiful in their natural state!

Took a couple of mins, and no money at all!  That's the best kind of diy, right?!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Here's a little look at what we've been doing in our powder/laundry room.  We're not 100% done, but we're around 95% done, so hopefully in the next week or so, I'll share the full room tour :)

Friday, January 15, 2016


A few years back we had bought this inexpensive IKEA chaise.  It was always comfy and I really liked it for a long time.  But, over the years it got a bit tired looking with a few stains that never seemed to want to come out, despite bleaching them.  So, eventually this piece ended up in my garage not being used.

But then last week I got to thinking how little I liked this one armchair we had in our family room.  Not my favorite color, shape or comfort for that room.  And, I thought about this tired old chaise in my garage and wondered if I could just dye the fabric, since they're slipcovers....to breathe some new life into it?!

I found this for around $6 at Michael's, but with a coupon for 50% off, it cost me just over $3.

Of course there are instructions on the package.  One option was the washing machine.  One was the sink.  I wasn't sure how powerful this dye was and a little intimidated by it, so I chose to be safe rather than sorry and do it in a tub.  Figured I didn't want weird dye in my brand new kitchen.  I skipped the science of water to dye ratio.  Just filled up the tub half way, and dumped the dye bottle in.  Dumped the fabric in.  Used a kitchen glove to move the fabric around every 5 mins or so for about 30 - 40 - so that the dye would cover evenly.

Then, rinsed in the tub, til the water ran clear.  Ran it through a wash cycle with detergent in my machine.  Allowed it to air dry, b/c I didn't want it to shrink.  Then did a bleach cycle on my machine to assure I removed any dye from my washer.

Pretty great for $3, 30 mins and one wash cycle.

Eventually I'll replace this chaise with something else, but my budget doesn't allow for that right now!  So this was a quick and easy fix!

Note:  follow the instructions on the packaging as I'm sure they all differ.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Friday, January 08, 2016


Here's a great DIY for ya!  We all cook, right?  Some of us more, some of us less.  But guaranteed someone has given you a recipe and you've wrote it down.  Or you've pinned a recipe on pinterest, and wrote it down because you didn't want to keep flipping your phone/ipad off and on while you made it.  So because I have several of these kinds of recipes, I've always kept a little recipe box.  But, honestly mine was not so pretty.  Then a couple weeks ago, I was at Michael's and saw the unfinished wood recipe box and knew I could make it a little extra cute.  Maybe even nice enough it didn't have to stay hidden all the time!

So I got the idea to use some lettering on it.  At first I thought, maybe, just paint the word "recipes" on it, but then I found these little wood letters in a pack.  A whole bunch for about $3.50 if I remember correctly, so knew I could use those for other little projects.

-- So I unscrewed the little hinges and sprayed the box white.....a couple coats.
-- Sprayed the letters gold.....a couple coats.
-- Put a clear coat of spray on everything.
-- Put the hinges back on.
-- Glued the letters on.

Done!  So easy and I think really cute.  A bit of a vintage throw back type vibe hey?

Nice huh?!

Don't assume those unfinished items in craft stores can't be made to look a bit more 'adult' and lovely!!

Go create something!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Who loves Hunter boots?  Duh, everyone!
Want to win a pair???
I thought so!

Here's the details:
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Easy peezy!

Random winner will be drawn Monday January 11th at 6 pm.

Monday, January 04, 2016


I had seen tons of diy lipgloss/lipstick on pinterest over the last couple of years and always wanted to try them, but just never got around to it!  A couple years back my daughter, who was in grade 8 at the time, had to create a little business idea and create a product for a class, and we came up with coconut oil lip balms.  They were adorable and practical.  But they weren't tinted, so we thought we'd experiment again to get something with a bit more color.

First off, you'll need something to put the product in.  We found these at Michaels for $7.99.  Note:  would be best to use the lipstick molds because this recipe has wax in it.  The wax can make the lipstick a bit hard to simply use your finger to swipe out, but it's still doable, so this is what we went with.

I wasn't a fan of the bright colors, so sprayed them gold, but decided to keep the minty colored ones as is.

This is my favorite gold spray paint for giving a non brassy, non 90's gold effect :)
You can opt to give them a clear matte coat of spray paint too if you want.

Now for the "formula"......we found it's a bit of a trial and error!  Select some crayons you could see yourself wearing as lipstick.  Run them under water to loosen the wrap and remove.

Chop up the color you wish to use into smaller pieces.  We laid a piece of paper towel on the cutting board to avoid the pigment transferring.

Simply put the coconut oil, a little olive oil and the chopped crayon in a microwave safe bowl and heat for approx 30 seconds.....mix....heat again for 30 seconds....mix, and put back in for an additional 10-20 seconds if crayon hasn't melted.

The amounts will vary depending on how many little tubs you want to create out of your batch.
So a recipe to use as a bit of a guideline for you:
--2 tsps of coconut oil
--3/4 tsp olive oil
--1 crayon

(the above recipe created 2 tubs)

You'll find that you can mix 2 crayons to create a new tone.  Can add more or less of the crayon to create a darker or lighter shade.  Just remember the more wax (crayon) you add, the harder the product will be in the end.

From my daughter's past school project, we had a few fragrance oils here, so we added a couple drops to each batch......smells soooooo gooooood!!!

Once removed from the microwave and well stirred, you add the fragrance if you choose, stir and then carefully pour into your molds or small tubs. Keep repeating the process with different colored crayons for different colored lipsticks.

Allow to set up before placing the lids on.

I recommend adding 2 crayons to a batch if you'd like to see some deeper tones.

Adorable right???

Super easy and fun way to spend an hour with my girl :)