Friday, January 15, 2016


A few years back we had bought this inexpensive IKEA chaise.  It was always comfy and I really liked it for a long time.  But, over the years it got a bit tired looking with a few stains that never seemed to want to come out, despite bleaching them.  So, eventually this piece ended up in my garage not being used.

But then last week I got to thinking how little I liked this one armchair we had in our family room.  Not my favorite color, shape or comfort for that room.  And, I thought about this tired old chaise in my garage and wondered if I could just dye the fabric, since they're breathe some new life into it?!

I found this for around $6 at Michael's, but with a coupon for 50% off, it cost me just over $3.

Of course there are instructions on the package.  One option was the washing machine.  One was the sink.  I wasn't sure how powerful this dye was and a little intimidated by it, so I chose to be safe rather than sorry and do it in a tub.  Figured I didn't want weird dye in my brand new kitchen.  I skipped the science of water to dye ratio.  Just filled up the tub half way, and dumped the dye bottle in.  Dumped the fabric in.  Used a kitchen glove to move the fabric around every 5 mins or so for about 30 - 40 - so that the dye would cover evenly.

Then, rinsed in the tub, til the water ran clear.  Ran it through a wash cycle with detergent in my machine.  Allowed it to air dry, b/c I didn't want it to shrink.  Then did a bleach cycle on my machine to assure I removed any dye from my washer.

Pretty great for $3, 30 mins and one wash cycle.

Eventually I'll replace this chaise with something else, but my budget doesn't allow for that right now!  So this was a quick and easy fix!

Note:  follow the instructions on the packaging as I'm sure they all differ.