Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Ok guys I'm excited to share this master bedroom transformation with you!  In my last house, our master got a ton of attention from blog readers when I originally posted it.  Then, I quit blogging for a few years and continued to transform the room.  So, over time my style evolved into wanting a much more calm and relaxing color palette and feel.  I think this room reflects me perfectly.  

I'm a fan of the cottage style, the laid back, rough around the edges, not too perfect, beach homes that I imagine line coastlines everywhere.  PEI, Cape Cod, that idea.  So, although I don't want my entire home to be exactly this, I love it in the bedroom.  Very soft and soothing.  Relaxing.  And, the best part.....super easy to achieve!

Here's a quick shot so you can see what I did:

But of course, I gotta show you what I saw when we walked through this house with the realtor, last spring......  A ton of dark, clay colors, with dirty carpet and dated furniture.  The room doesn't have massive windows so these colors were making it feel even darker and dingier than it had to feel.

These are a few pics of when we moved in and the previous owner had taken all her stuff with her.  A decent size room for sure.  Right away I assumed I'd put the bed in between the windows, and I did.  But that only lasted a few months.  I decided that although that's the obvious spot, my bedside tables would steal a bit of that natural window light and the blinds weren't as easy to access behind them.  So I switched it up to the big blank wall, and I love it there now.

A look into the ensuite, which I'll talk about later.  Love the space.....stand up shower, walk in closet, large area for tub, double vanity, and small toilet great windows.

There's no door and I think it'd be nice to have a bath without my kids wondering in, so planning to add a sliding barn door!

My little guy learned how to use a screw driver and actually removed a ton of electrical face plates.  Was shocked he could do it :)

First thing we did was remove the gross carpet.  My husband does flooring, so this was an area we were able to save money.....thank goodness!

Then we installed some of this tongue and groove pine boards from Home Depot.  Easy to install!  If I remember correctly the wall cost about $125.  So a big impact for a small price tag.  I then just dry brushed some white paint on, intentionally leaving some areas thicker, some thinner, slightly sloppy.....  I prefer dry brushing to white-washing.  But that's just me.

So here we are! Big difference hey??

Super calm I think

Because we have a king size bed, I like using these inexpensive IKEA dressers for bedside tables.  They offer great storage, were inexpensive and match the large scale properly of a king size bed.

These are about 6 years old.  I originally found one in the "as-is" section at IKEA because it had a few scratches, so I bought one more new one so I'd have a set.  I then primed, painted, and put a coat of clear top coat on to protect the paint.  And, changed the knobs.  The color I have now is actually the 3rd time I've painted them.....just don't have a picture of the second last paint job.  I did love the tiffany blue color I had them, but eventually tired of that.  I LOVE the current color!  

Lamps I've had for several years....bought them at HomeSense.  Along with the driftwood.  The vase is from Chapters.  And yes the palms are fake and it would be awesome if they were real and every 10 days I bought new fresh ones, but I can't be bothered!  They're from Bouclair and I actually really love them even if they're not real!  They give a big tropical punch and they're always "living!"

These 3 pillows are from HomeSense

I generally love really simple, basic frames, but for some reason when I saw these at Urban Barn, I knew they'd be perfect, even though they're a bit "cuter" than I usually gravitate toward.  The photos in them are ones I took while we were in Hawaii a few years back.  Planner and glass from Chapters.   

I do constantly buy fresh is a weakness!  At least once per week I buy some for my kitchen island and once in a while for my bedside.  I don't want to think of the amount of money that probably adds up to in a year, but they're so worth it I think :)

The headboard I made.  I made it about a year ago, before I was back at blogging again, so I don't have any photos of the process.  However it was simple.  Cost next to nothing.

1.  Created a fabric template of a simple curved shape that I liked.
(Wanted it low because I made it while we were in our last house and we had the bed
in front of a window, so didn't want to block too much natural light)
2.  Used the template to trace out on mdf the shape.
3. Cut it out.  Doesn't have to be too perfect.
4. Glued some thick foam on that I had leftover from another headboard I had made.
5.  Bought some quilt batting from Walmart for about $15 and wrapped the foam.
6.  Finally wrapped an old curtain I was no longer using around the whole thing and used an
air stapler to staple to the back and side.

Pinterest has tons of easy to follow directions if mine didn't make sense.  My one piece of advice is make sure you use the batting.  That's what creates the smooth professional type appearance. If you skip that step it'll look rough!

I opted to not use curtains.  Wanted to keep it simple.  We got rid of the previous owners old peach blinds and installed inexpensive black out blinds from IKEA.  I've always debated whether I should paint this IKEA dresser or not, and I'm glad I never did!  I actually like the dark grounding effect it has.  Loaded it up with some beachy accessories.

I like this little corner.  Mirror from IKEA.  Beach bag from Old Navy.  Chair from Bouclair.

Love the starfish basket!  Starfish from HomeSense, as well as the candle stick holders and large roped lantern thing-y.  Frame from IKEA and another shot I took from Hawaii.

The other side of the room simply has 3 photos of my 3 babies.  Gotta update them soon.  Took these about a year and a half ago and they've changed so much!

We love having a tv in our room and there's no way to make it super pretty, so it just sits on this IKEA dresser.

As for lighting, I bought this chandelier from Home Depot and sprayed it blue.  Then I took white spray paint and lightly dusted some areas with a soft spray to dull the bright blue spray paint job.  I did it intentionally uneven so it would create a bit of a vintage quality.  I really like it!  I'm not saying it's my dream chandelier, but for the budget I had, it turned out great.  It was $113.  The tip is to look at the shape of big box store lighting and imagine it with a coat of spray paint!!

We bought these from Rona.  I love the door knobs.  I love the crystal.  However, if I'm being honest, they're horrible knobs!  They stick, they lock without locking, I hate them.  But we bought a ton of them and I'm not about to change every single one right now!  So it is what it is.  At least they're pretty right??!

We made life a bit cheaper by simply painting all the baseboards, trim and doors.  It was all oak, so not an easier job, but a cheaper job.  The upstairs has the small trim and base which I'm not a big fan of, but it was installed and I just wanted a room to be done!  So, yes, I sanded, primed, and then top coated a few times with white ALL the upstairs trim, panelling, doors and base.   A huge job, but I really love it in the end.  The doors were oak, so not cheap doors.  I love the grain coming through a bit.  So a horrible job to do all that painting but I love the look of it all!

I'll leave you with a quick look at the big project we have yet to do.....nothing like running out of time and money!!   The ensuite!!

It's been almost entirely gutted so that's a big job that we have done, but we have so much work to do in there!  Although it's a royal mess right now, all I see is the finished product in my mind, and it's going to be glorious I assure you! :)

Quick list of sources for ya!

Wall color:  Behr's "Waterfall Mist"
Wood wall color:  Behr's "Ultra Pure White" untinted
Trim, base and doors color:  Behr's "Ultra Pure White" untinted
Blue dresser color:  Started with CIL's "Vienna Lake" and added a bit of white
All dressers from: IKEA
Large mirror:  IKEA
Frames on wall:  IKEA
Blinds:  IKEA
White duvet cover: Superstore
Bed cushions:  HomeSense
Bedside lamps:  HomeSense
Driftwood: HomeSense
Candle stick holders and large roped lantern: HomeSense
Starfish:  HomeSense
Bedside frames:  Urban Barn
Planner and glass:  Chapters
Vase:  Chapters
Faux palms:  Bouclair
Chair:  Bouclair
Chandelier:  Home Depot
Door knobs:  Rona
Photography:  me (White Dress Photography)