F O L L O W by E M A I L


i thought it was a good idea to devote some space to the common questions i get and provide answers in one place instead of answering individual questions repeatedly!

why did you take a break from blogging?

honestly, it was too much.  simple as that.  i want to blog to have a creative outlet,  create interactions with a cool community of fellow bloggers and creative minds, and to tackle my ongoing to do list.  but when it became more of a chore than fun, i had to make the decision to give it up.
so i'm back and going to attempt to tackle it all again in a more balanced approach!

below are questions i was asked nearly everyday for my old home/old posts:

where do you buy your wallpaper and how do you install it?

i found my wallpaper at the home depot.  in canada, the two i chose for my home are actually stocked in store, so you don't even have to order and wait.  instant gratification.  just simply follow the instructions that it comes with.  if it's pre-pasted....you save tons of time.  generally, it's all similar, soak in a wallpaper tray for approx 1 minute, pulling through slowly, so as to allow a consistent 'soaking'.  allow the wet paper to sit for 5 mins.  long pieces can be folded onto themselves.  you can draw lines using a pencil and a level if you want to get yourself started with the first panel.  allow an inch extra for corners and a few inches for the ceiling.  starting at the top, use a plastic trowel to work the bubbles out, working your way down. trim with a utility knife along the ceiling and baseboards.  use a wet sponge to wipe the wallpaper clean of excess glue and to help smooth bubbles.  overlap pieces just a smidge, b/c the paper will shrink with time a bit and you don't want to see the wall color behind.
{this was my experience, so do your research first and do what's best for your particular situation!}

how do you paint hardwood?

there are lots of opinions floating around on this.  i did my research, came up with a plan and then adjusted it once i talked with the woman at the paint store.  and, go to an actual PAINT store, not just a home depot kind of place.  you'll get the best advice for your specific needs....i found!  

-we used a belt sander, with 40 grit sandpaper to sand the dark stain off.  we didn't get it 100% off since we were going to prime it, but we did a really thorough job
-then used a shop vac to vaccuum all the dust up
-mopped the floor, getting all the itsy bitsy dust off
-waited 6-8 hrs to assure it was completely dry
-we then used a really good primer, 1 coat, water-based
-then topped it with 2 coats of water-based porch and floor paint, color matched to a slightly grey-white
-could walk on it, after approx. 6 hrs.  but, didn't put furniture back on for at least 2 - 3 days

are all the ideas on this blog yours?

i find inspiration for projects, room transformations, decorating ideas, diy's and everything else - from "everywhere!"  magazines, tv, blogs, friends, etc, etc, etc....are all great sources!

sometimes i'll come up with an idea, blog it, and then someone will inform me that i'm "copying" other people's ideas and that i'm not giving due credit.  honestly, that's never the case.  if i see an awesome diy, and i want to 'copy' that, i always give the original blogger or source - credit first off in my post.  however, a lot of us creative folks think alike and little did i know....came up with something that's incredibly similar to someone else's idea.  i can't help that from happening.

so rest assured, knowing i will always do my best to give credit where it belongs!  i'm not trying to upset anyone or steal an idea!  blogging for me, is a fun hobby and a way for me to stay motivated to keep up with my ongoing list of "to-do's!"
a happy place!