.free advertising.

hey friends....
i know i'm new to the blogging world, but i'm most definately interested in building my "fan base" and my readership!  so because of that, if you have a small business, etsy shop, online "something or other" and are interested in some FREE advertising - hopefully, driving some traffic your way, please contact me!

you'll receive a 200 x 200 pixel square ad on the right hand side of my blog, that will directly link people to your site.  clearly, i'm looking for people whom have a business/store that relates to the home, crafting, arts...etc

as time moves on, and my site builds traffic, i'll reconsider the structure of this and potentially charge for ad space.  so get involved now!

if interested:
*contact me, via my email:  natcross@telus.net
*attach:  a 200 x 200 pixel ad
*a small explanation of what your business is
*the url you want me to link the ad to

together we can all grow our audience!

thanks so much!
i look forward to learning about you all!

.looking for giveaway donations.

i'm also interested in starting a monthly giveaway to blog followers!  different ways: the best idea from a "link party" or drawing a random follower's #.....that kind of thing....

however i don't really sell anything, so if you have a small online business or etsy store and would like to donate a small item for the "giveaway".....i will, in return, as my "thank you" - drive as much traffic your way as i can.  

i will advertise on the side of my blog for you, at no charge....
i will feature you once to introduce the "giveaway".....
i will then be offering "reminder posts", mentioning you again....
readers will have to become a follower of my blog and a follower of yours (or "like" your facebook page...etc) in order to enter the draw or contest....
lastly, i will feature you again, when the "winner" is announced

fine print:  you the donator, will be responsible for shipping to the winner. (you may specify where you will or won't ship to prior to contest/draw....must ship in north america)

if interested:
please email me at:  natcross@telus.net
email me a brief description of what you could offer, a link to a picture of the item, and an approximate value of the item, as well as any other pertinent information.

thank you so much!!