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Monday, June 20, 2011

the bachelorette!

i'll admit, i'm addicted to this darn show!  every season, whether i love the bachelor or bachelorette, i find myself drawn into the drama and i-can't-look-away!

so how about tonight's preview hey?!!

that darn bentley!
are you kidding me!  i totally understand the producers wanting a mix of normal to crazy in the group, but c'mon....this is a new low, even for this kind of show, in my opinion!
it's painful to watch poor ashley talk about him!
but, will i be glued to the tv tonight, when he apparently will be returning?  oh yes!

will you be watching??  or am i the only sucker for this?

monday nights are just boring when this isn't on!  :)


  1. I'm REALLY behind, but this is the FIRST season of The Bach I've ever watched. I feel like I need a shower after each episode!

    And Bentley is such a skeez. For someone who claims to love his daughter? He's a lecherous nasty-nasty when it comes to women!

  2. I will most definitely be watching this. However, I must admit, I too feel bad for Ashley.. Bentley is a terrible person! I also agree with Erin's comment above!

    love the bach!

  3. I will definitely be watching this as well!!!

  4. I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette addict! I haven't missed an episode...well, except a couple during that Italian "prince" guy or whatever...anyway, I cannot wait to watch tonight! I think Bentley is such an idiot and can't believe how much the producers are encouraging this. The show has enough drama without having to let some goofball crush this poor girl's heart. I keep thinking they are going to end up bringing him back on as the next bachelor because he is so controversial! We will see, but I will be watching...I am such a sucker too!

  5. It's all so set up. I love this show but I think they have to do stuff like this now to make it different.

  6. Sadly I find myself getting sucked in. But my husband watches it with me - so it makes me not feel so bad for a weekly dose of a little reality tv :)

  7. I got suckered in too! I wasn't planning on watching this season but I spent 3 days at my sisters and she had 2 episodes to catch up on and now I'm hooked. It's like a train wreck, you just can't look away!!

  8. I never was much for the show but i started playing on twitter and some people there give live blow by blows and are hysterical and they dragged me in. I'm soooo ticked that last week's previews made us believe this week there'd be some drama (other than Ash's typical Bentley name dropping every other sentence) and then Nothing happened. We got the same exact teaser for next week. This guy is such a schmuck and I can't believe he'd treat a woman like this when he has a daughter. I hope his daughter dates a woman just like him.

  9. I gotta tell you Ashley reminds me of those women who are married to gay guy's that after years of marriage came out of the closet then decides to stay with them, or those nasty political guys that cheats and embarrass them then pin their lives away to stay with them.
    I never understood why, until this show now I can seriously say I feel sorry for them. This show is about sex nothing more. I'm sorry to say yes I watch periodically not all the time. I wish they would update outside of ryan and trista what happened to those other couples kwim?


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