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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i heart orchids!

my most favorite flower in the whole wide world, is a simple orchid.   
5 yrs ago my husband bought me one and here's some pics of it still going strong.  it's grown each year.  it comes back bigger and stronger each time it blooms.  
it's art.

so pretty


  1. so beautiful! but I find them so hard to grow and re-flower :(

  2. I love orchids, too. You must have the magic touch! I've never had any luck with them blooming again. You'll have to share your secret.

  3. i'm no expert, but i probably have about 7 orchids in my house and what i find best for blooming is the following:
    1)when they aren't blooming, make sure you have them in a sunny warm window.. they like the heat of the day and the cooling off of the night....like their natural environment would be
    2)once they bloom you can move them if you want. once all the flowers have fallen off, cut the stem back to approx an inch above the soil/wood chips
    3) replant them in a larger pot with orchid mix, made up of wood, not soil. while transferring them, cut off any dead roots.
    4) don't overwater
    5) do the first thing and you'll have no issues

    remember, they may skip a bloom season once in a while for no apparent reason, but be patient....b/c once you get one that blooms, consistently, it's shockingly really satisfying and so beautiful! the one in the pictures blooms for 6 mths, i chop it down and then it starts to regrow a couple of months later! so in a 12 mth window i only have a couple of months without growth.

    hope that helps!


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