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Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer on my phone

summer is so much fun and soooooo short lived here....you really gotta soak it up as much as possible!  i realized i had a ton of cute pics on my iphone, so why not share?!

(roadtrip to banff)

(game we love.....settlers!)

so hot....i got in the kiddie pool on our deck!

love a good summer read!  i just started this....

my very white baby, sunblocked up!

calaway park!

and, of course, gotta mention, last week, i went to nkotb!  epic! :)

my cousin and i....went to the concert when i was 14 and she was 12 and here we are today!

(ok, this last pic wasn't taken with my phone!)

hope you're all having an awesome summer!


  1. Some great pics Natalie. And I totally agree, summer is way too short here!! We spend A LOT of time out in our sunroom or pool. : ) My sister in law was at the NKOTB concert too. She still has a couple of their dolls from back in the day. Too funny! You look gorgeous in your pic, btw. : ) ~ Catie

  2. So cute! We play Settlers too! Great game :)

  3. What beautiful and sweet pictures. I love looking at my phone and finding photos that I had forgotten I had taken, it really puts a smile on my face. :)

  4. Such a cool and simple idea, we all have the phones and we all take the pics. I think your pictures are great!!


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